Part 1

Suno, he called her, and the whole breakfast table went quiet.

I’ll be back by 7 today.  I need to tell you something important.  He told her. 

Ji she said in her quiet voice but he dint seemed to have listen to her.

Maanav ho gaya? He asked getting up

Ji dad. Maanav said getting up.  Bye people he told everyone on the table.  He placed a kiss on the forehead of Archana and left the place. 

Geet smiled seeing this.  Her mother in law, Pammi was going to say something when she said, Arrey ma, aapki parrata tho tandi hogayi take another one.  Pammi’s attention turned to Geet Tho Maan ko kya kahna tha tumse?? She asked in an inquisitive manner.

Pata nahi ma

But I know said Archana her eyes were gleaming in delight. 


I think papa remembers what day is today.  He has planned something special for today mumma Archana said smiling cheerfully.  Geet too smiled seeing her DIL so happy.  But everyone else knew that it was not true

No no beta.  Maan has never remembered this day for the past 20 years.  Ab kya use iss umar me yad rahe ga?? Pammi said, bringing a sad smile on Geet’s face

So what, there is no age for love Dadi ji.  I think papa feel something.  Dint you notice? He has been acting all different now a days.  I think unhe kuch kuch hua she said making every one laugh on the table

Badmash ladki.. Geet said smacking her lightly on her hand.  Chup.. don’t imagine things.She said but she too was thinking the same thing.  Wishing it to be true.

I too agree with Archu badi bhabhi.  Meera said.  Vicky was also saying that Bhai was all lost in the office. She teased Geet giggling

Oye Oye Nandini teased her seeing Geet blush

What is all this.  Pammi shouted in irritation.  Ghar hai ya kya hai.  Besharam ladkiya.  She grumbled. 

Dadi ji.  Aap bhi na.  Archana dismissed her and then turned towards the others.  Now that papa has planned something for mumma I think you should also give him a surprise.  She said

What surprise.  We have already planned a party.  My parents are also coming no.  Geet said looking at her moreover what are you planning at??? She asked concerned

Oh ho mumma.. I was just thinking of giving you a makeover. 

Kya?? Make over or wo bhi iss umar me.. Are you nuts dear?? Geet said getting up more over I have too much of work here.  See the decoration guy has come.  I have to look after that.  The cook will be here in another 10 min I have to see that also. Dehko I forgot. She hit her head with her palm I have to call Kushi to see whether she will reach today on time or not.   So much is there to see.  

We can take care of that badi bhabhi remember hum bhi hai Meera said getting up.

Ya Bhabhi.  Take a break and go with Archana.  We will take care of all this.  Nandhini said

Yes mumma for my sake come no she pleaded.

Geet thought of a min and then accepted.  She managed all her work in the next one hour and left the house.  Archana and Geet entered the parlour. 

Mumma take this and wear it.  Saying she gave Geet a robe. 

Geet stood in the dressing room looking at herself in the full length mirror.  For the past 20years, she had never got this much time to look at herself.  Before marriage she had been lean and toned but now she wasn’t like that.  She wasn’t fat but not fit either.  Her tummy was loose after her delivery as she never paid attention towards her body after that.  She looked disapprovingly at herself as she wore the robe.  Archana knocked and took her into the room.  The treatments started and ended after hours.  By the time they reached home, the whole house was decorated for a party.  There was only 2 more hours left for Maan to come so Archana pushed Geet into the room to get dressed.  As it was a surprise party for Maan, the lights were to be switched off. 

The clock struck 7, and true to his nature, Maan was on time.  The driver sounded the horn as he entered the gates of the mansion.  This was the cue for the people to assemble.  Geet stood near the door where as other switched off the light and assembled themselves in the centre of the hall.  The bell rang and Geet opened the door

Come with me to the study Maan said when he saw Geet opening the door.  He dint even notice that she was dressed.

Ek minute. Geet said softly.  She was getting nervous Wo..

Dekho Maan started but stopped current ko kya hua hai?? He asked looking around the dark hall way

Wo.. saying she started moving towards the switchboard

Listen, he called again but Geet was tensed to say or do anything. Maan was getting annoyed by this. 

Stop he shouted making her freeze

Take this saying he pushed an envelope into her hands. 

Yeh kya hai? She asked softy

Divorce papers he replied in his stern voice.  That is when her hands accidently touched the switches and the whole hall lit up.  Maan looked around stunned.  He then looked down at Geet and glared at her.  He turned around and walked up towards the study.  Leaving her alone to face the crowd who were giving her sympathetic looks.


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