Part 2

Maan was furious.  How could she.  He murmured as he stormed into the study.  How dare she he growled.  In front of everyone, embarrassing me like this.  He grumbled, walking around like a wounded lion.  He dint know what to do.  He stopped opposite to a huge photo. 

Dekha… what your sister has done today.  I have specifically told her that I want to talk to her alone today. Then why the hell has she invited so many people home? Me mar gaya hun kya?? He yelled at the photo.  Itni kismet kaha.  If I had that fate, I would have joined you long before.  I would not have been struggling here with her. 

Did you see that drama she is doing there?? I cannot believe it. That girl, will she ever grow up?? He spoke to the mute, unmoving person in the picture

Me ne koi galathi nahi ki hai use divorce dekar.  He told the woman.  Me ne use Maanav ke liye sahdi ki thi, now Maanav is married for the past one month, I think it is high time we part.. he spoke adamantly..

Look at her… she is acting as though she doesn’t know all this, she agreed to all this when she married me.  Now what happened??? I don’t understand… I’m I’m confused when it comes to this girl… Maan said, running his finger through his hair in frustration.  He then looked at the picture.

Muskan, tum kyu mujhe chodke chali gayi… he asked, tired.. his voiced dropped to a whisper.  Aur kitna intezaar karoon me?? He asked softly trailing his finger on picture..

Meanwhile downstairs.

Geet stood in the same position, holding the envelop.  She dint know how to react.  She dint know what to do.  She just wanted to freeze in that position and disappear..

Mumma.. aap upar jayiye.  We will handle it here.  Archana said, gently shaking Geet

Huh?? Oh.. Archana.. are you sure..

Yes Bhabhi.. go up.. and just sleep.. we will handle everything. See you tomorrow morning. Nandhini said with a sad smile.  Geet nodded her head and walked up the stairs. She felt lifeless, soulless.  She dint know who or what was around her anymore… she was about to enter her room when she remembered Maan telling her to come into the study.  She walked towards the study.  She knocked and entered it. 

Wo.. she tried talking

Sign karo He said as he pointed towards the chair in front of him.

Geet silently walked and sat down.  She read the documents

Is me custody ke bareme kuch nahi likha hai.. she pointed out..

Custody?? Kiski custody?? If you don’t remember, Maanav is 25 years and he is my son, wo ab major hai and I don’t think use tumari zaroorath hogi.. he mocked her.. this bought tears in her eyes… she understood that.. she was not stupid..

I was talking abt Kushi.  Wo 17 ki hai.  Geet said.. looking at him, straight into his eyes.

Maan looked confused for a minute then realisation flashed.  Ho.. Mistake ho gaya.. no problem.. I’ll handle it. I forgot.. he said. Waving his hand. This pricked her heart..

What mistake Mr Kurrana?? Aap kis mistake ki bath kar rahe ho?? Mujse milne ki? Mujhse shadhi karne ki? Us ek rath ki ? for letting me keep Kushi? Ya for forgetting that Kushi is your daughter?? Kis mistake ki bath kar rahe ho aap?? She shouted. She was hurt and angry. All these years, she has taken her neglect, but he was doing the same thing to her daughter also. How could he? She was his too, why and how could he do this?? She never understood it..

Everything.. Maan yelled getting up. Each and everything you said woman.  Tumse milne se lekar ab thak jo bhi hua everything.  Wo sab mere zindagi ke sare galthiya hi they.. get it..he shouted.. And stop crying.. he told her.  He hated to see her crying. Her tears hurt his heart a lot.

Why are you doing this? I have given 20 years of my life to this family, but ..

You have not done anything special… every house wife does that only.  He told her… go to every home, you will find a bahu, a bhabhi, a beti a ma, a wife like you.. you have not done anything new.. Just a duty of a normal house wife.. So don’t you start of describing your sacrifices here.

Geet had enough of all this.  All these years she had never spoken up and now she wondered why she had opened her mouth to speak.  She quickly signed the papers. 

One think Mr Kurrana.. I agree I have done every duty of a house wife.. I have been a good bahu, bhabhi, ma but I have never been a wife. So please remember that before you tell me what I have done and what I haven’t done in the future. I married you and came into this family, but I have never been a wife.  I have once even been a night stand for you but never a wife, saying she left the room.

Geet ran towards their room.  Their what a funny word cos there was nothing their in this house.  She remembered how her mother had told her on her wedding day that this was her house, but now suddenly, this house seemed alien to her.  She entered the room, but it felt strange and a horrible smell attacked her senses.  She looked here and there trying to find out what it was.. Her feet was feeling like jelly and she was finding it hard to breath.  Her head was spinning.  She somehow reached the bed and sat down.  But when she sat there, she felt her hand covered with something wet.  She screamed when she looked at it.  It was blood.  She looked for the owner of that blood and there stood a girl wearing a white sari. 

Wwhhoo are youuu?? Geet asked

Geet… I am you.. she said smiling


Yes.. long ago the Geet who died.. remember me she said twirling around..

Geet stared at her.. Horrified..

Tume kya chiye..

Azadi.. free me .. She sang

How.. how do I free you..

You’ll know.. saying the young Geet vanished but Geet was stuck there only.. She was looking at her hands and then she looked here and there.  Where ever she saw she could see blood, blood of that Geet that Geet who used to laugh and cry and live life as it came.  Yes that Geet who died that night. Her blood was everywhere.  She looked frantically for a place to escape.  She felt chocked.  Mumma? Voices called her.  She looked here and there, not recognising them.  MUMMA yelled the voices shaking her.  She looked closely.  She saw two girls with tear stained faces shaking her. She looked confusingly at them

Mumma aap teek ho?? Asked the girl.

Mumma?? The same girl called again.  Me Kushi mumma.  Apki beti.  Don’t you recognise me?  She cried shaking her…

Kushi? Geet said softly cupping her face.. beta… why are you crying..??

Mumma.. what happened… Kushi cried.. she was scared…

Kuch nahi beta..

Take this mumma.. saying Archana gave Geet a glass of water…

Mumma.. Kushi called her..

Kya hai..

Lets go from her mumma.. she pleaded nana aur nani bhi yahi chahte hai. They are waiting for you.. she said..

Kaha jayenge Kushi.. we don’t have anywhere to go.. What abt your future? Geet asked concerned

Don’t worry mumma.  But pls lets go.  I have booked tatkal tickets for us.  Let’s leave tonight.  The train to Bangalore is at 11:30 mumma we have 2 hours, let’s just leave she said hugging Geet.

Ok beta..

Bhabhi, will you help us to pack?  Kushi asked and before Geet could say anything, Archana opened the cupboards,

Mumma?  Where are your clothes?? She asked

Wo.. under han.. inside the other room.. she said pointing towards the other door. 

Archana entered the other room and was shocked.  Mumma you have another room?? Aap itne sal alag sothey they?? She asked surprised by this revelation

Yes Archana.  But now that I’m gone, your papa can get full privacy, Geet giggled sadly..

Mumma.. Archana hugged Geet.. kyu kiya aapna esa.. why.. you shd have divorced him long ago.. left him and gone to get a better future.  She cried.  Kushi looked at both the women.  She refused to shed more tears.  She had listen to all the talks of her parents in the study.  She knew she was only her mother’s child and she had accepted it.  Now she was going to live for her mother and will work to remove her father from her mother’s life permanently. 

Ok challo baccha log we have a train to catch.. she said crossing her arms on her chest, glaring at them.

The ladies laughed at her as she reminded them of a certain man whom she happened to hate presently.


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