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Geet got up in a really grumpy mood.  Her back was hurting like anything.  She staggered and got up from the bed.  Maan had not slept in the room with her last night.  He had slept in the other bedroom. With a sigh she moved into the bathroom to get herself a warm bath.  By the time she was down, the time was 9am.  Her face was swollen and her eyes were red and puffy thanks to the continuous crying last night.  She came down as fast as her aching back would let her.  On the table she saw breakfast ready and Maan was sitting there drinking his coffee.  He was busy reading his paper to look at her.  Geet slowly made her way to the table wondering what he would say to her now.  But Maan dint even acknowledge her.  She opened the hot pack to see her favourite paratas waiting for her.  Unwantedly a small smile grew on her face which she wiped off immediately.  She finished her breakfast and left the house without talking to him. 

The morning went on like the usual but one thing different was that she was having sever back ache.  Unable to tolerate it anymore, Geet informed her worker that she will be out and left.  She dint know what to expect when she was coming home. She opened the door and entered inside the house when she heard Maan talking to someone.

I want it done as soon as possible.  You know I cannot stay here forever.  Maan yelled into the phone

Yes make sure that no one knows he said , not realising that Geet was standing behind him.

Geet dint know what to think of this.  Was Maan leaving her?  This mere thought made her heart clench in pain.  She quickly slipped from the place not wanting him to see her.  She knew Maan would be furious if he saw her and she dint want him to blame her unwantedly. She walked back and then made as much noise she could telling him she was here.

Maan cut the call and turned around to see her.  His eyes were surprised and questioning her.  She dint known what it was.  Did he want to know if she heard him or was it that he cared to know why she was home early?  She dint know.  Though her feelings went in for the first one.

Maan kept looking at her but Geet just ignored him and crossed him to move on.

Don’t ignore me. I don’t like to be disrespected. He growled holding her elbow making her wince in pain.  Her back was extremely tender and any movement caused her pain.

What happened?  Maan asked in a low voice seeing her reaction.

If Geet dint know properly she would have thought it was concern.  But would she dare think so?  No way

I’m asking you what the hell happened to you. He asked raising his voice

Wo I hurt my back she replied in a meek voice

How?  But then Maan stopped as his realisation dawned in him. In a quick sweep he carried her bridal style and moved quickly to their room.  He slowly placed her on the bed and went away.  Geet lay there in shock.  What the hell happened now?  She dint know how to understand his actions.  He confused her like hell.  Was he a monster or man she dint know?  The only thing she was sure in their marriage was that she dint know anything.

Just then the door opened and Maan came in holding a katori (cup) she was curious to know what was in there.  But Maan was in no mood to explain all this.  He placed the cup on the side table and gently made Geet sit up.  He removed her top and other inner wears from the top area. He then made her lie down on her stomach.  Now Geet was facing the pillow with her back facing him.  She was still frozen in that position.  She then felt warm liquid being spread on her back.  She closed her eyes feeling relaxed as he moved his hands over her back.  He gently worked over the spot that was paining.  She felt him removed the knots that had formed there.  The massage was relaxing her along with reducing the pain.  She felt her eyes getting heavy.  Before she passed on to sleep she thought she heard him say a small sorry and place a warm kiss on her back.

When Geet opened her eyes, it was already dark.  She looked up to check the time and was shocked to see it was 7 pm.  She got up and was relieved to find that her back was better.  But still her mood was really bad.  She dint know the reason for it though.  Her tongue felt like it was made of leather and her head felt heavy.  She was about to walk downstairs when she heard Manan cry.  She went inside and picked up the child and cooed to him.  She realised he was hungry and took him down to get him something to eat, She looked around and found that Maan was nowhere there.  Shrugging it, she took a small bowl and placed food and mushed it up for him.  She was really happy that Maan had prepared food for them.  By the time she took it near him, Manu was crying really badly.  His face had become red and his eyes were shut.  She dint know what to do.  She slowly rocked him and cooed to him but that and all dint work.  She tried placing the spoon filled with food near the mouth of the baby but he just refused crying out loud.  Geet tried all she knew for the next 15 minutes but was till unsuccessful.  Getting tired she placed the crying baby on the floor near the sofa.  She really was feeling dizzy by now.  She moved to the table to get herself some water.

What the hell. She heard him shout.  She turned around to see a really angry Maan standing near a crying Manan.

How dare you he hissed as he neared her holding the crying child.

How could you?  He glared at her and Geet was completely lost.  She dint know why he was behaving like this

Are you dumb or are you doing this on purpose?  What kind of woman are you placing a baby on the sofa and moving around.  See he is crying.. he yelled at her.  He might be in so much pain from falling he shouted at her.  That is when Geet understood that Maan had misunderstood all this

Nahi Maan ji.. she tried to explain but Maan held her should with one arm painfully.

It’s my mistake.. mene socha ki tum iska khayal rakhoge.  But I was wrong.  He is not your child no that is why you are trying to do all this.  All your previous love and affection towards my child was a play.  A ploy to get yourself a good man.  He spat at her venomously.

No let me explain.. Geet pleaded trying to stop the dizziness which seemed to increase but Maan was not even playing attention.

All woman are the same isn’t it.  You people want money, power and man to satisfy you that is all.  He hissed glaring at her with hatred.

Geet visibly winced seeing that in his eyes.

Tum jese ladki pe barosa karke bohot badi galthi kiya hai mene.  He spoke to himself as he left her shoulder with a jerk.

A woman like you he looked at her in disgust making anger fill Geet.  What was her mistake?  Nothing.  He saw something and imagined something.  And now without letting her explain he is yelling at her. 

I should have never married you without knowing you fully he shook his head as he moved away from her in disgust.  Geet felt humiliated. 

Married?  What marriage are you talking abt Geet yelled as she stepped towards Maan who was holding a still crying Manan

This is not Marriage.  This is slavery.  And this she pulled out her mangalsutra is a shackle that you put on my next to make you your slave.  She yelled at him.  Geet didn’t know why she was talking all this.  She was never a violent person.  May be she was really tired of all these conflicting emotions that was filling her up from the time of their marriage

And what the hell do you mean by mujh jese ladki?  What do you know abt me?  Nothing.  She shouted nothing at all..

Then only thing you know abt me is my body nothing else.  She shouted as tears ran down her eyes

And what do you think I need from you huh?  What can you give me?  What do you have?  She questioned him making Maan glare at her even more

Whatever you have now is given by me.  From the clothes you are wearing from the food in your stomach everything is mine.  What do you think I’m expecting from you? Do you even know what I expect from you?

Just because I submitted to you without another word doesn’t mean I am characterless.  I was a f*****g virgin before you did it to me.  The only mistake on my part was I was lonely.  I wanted someone to fill that for me.  When you came I thought you were the one.  I dint even think for a moment before I did what I did.  She cried in humiliation, she cried in regret she cried in guilt as she knelt down crying into her hands.  She felt all her insecurities coming out as tears.  She wanted him to say that he was hers and will not leave her.  She wanted him to say that he loved her.  She wanted him to say that he would always be hers .most of all she wanted him to hug her and say all will be fine. But alas nothing happened as Geet gave in to her dizziness and lay on the floor unconscious.

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