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Geet stood near the window lost in her thoughts.  What had she done?  She couldn’t believe she had married a complete stranger.  She was never like that.  Was it lust that she felt for him?  Was it similar for him too?  Kya yeh shadi is just some mistake?  A moment of weakness that turned into a  holy bond?  She was confused.  She dint know what to think of it.  After signing the papers, she had not been so sure of her decision.  At least she would have Manan now she thought, pacifying her heart. But what abt Maan?  She dint know anything abt him.  She wanted to ask him but his nature scared her a lot.  She was not used to people shouting or glaring at her.  She closed her eyes as she remembered how he had treated her that night when she went to help the Maharaj to prepare food.  Pagal, how could you commit to a man without knowing him? She mentally scolded herself.  Manan thak tho teek tha, but now him.  He is so so.. volatile.  Kab kya karde kisi ko nahi pata.  She mentally chided herself for this stupidity.  Yadhi ma papaji hote tho, this would have been so simple.  I would never be in such a mess.  But Geet tu ne hi tho aapne aapko mess me dala.  She reminded herself.  However she tried she couldn’t remove that night of passion from her mind.  Today was her wedding night, if you call this a wedding.  Khagaz pe sign karna bhi koi wedding hota hai kya? She wondered as she glanced towards the sleeping Manan before turning back towards the view outside the window. Dekh Geet, tu ne papers sign ki hai tho iss shadi ko nibhana padega.  Koi second thoughts nahi.  Maan is and will be your husband, aur jo bhi hua ho now only Babaji will help you.  She told herself.  She would respect and commit wholeheartedly to this marriage.  She would take this as her gift from her parents and would abide by this commitment. She then turned around and walked outside the room.  It was afternoon and she had to see what the Maharaj had planned for the workers.

As she climbed down the staircase, she saw Maan sitting and reading the newspaper. Suniye… she called softly, overcome by a sudden bout of shyness. She saw Maan’s back stiffen before he turned around.

Wo mujhe dophar ka khana dekhne jana tha.  I’ll be back by the usual time.  She waited for him to say something, but he just nodded his head and went back to read the paper.  She dint know what to think of this.  She walked out of the door to do her work. 

The evening arrived with heavy rains.  It was time for Geet to go back home.  She ran back inside the house, but she was wet by then.  She looked around the hall but dint find anyone.  She quickly walked up the stairs towards her, no their room but when she entered the room, Maan was sitting there with Manan.  He looked up at her and the way his eyes changed made her nervous.  His eyes travelled up her body and bore into her eyes, silently communicating his wishes, his desires.  She couldn’t do anything but blush at this intensity.  She ducked her head down and quickly moved towards her cupboard.  She opened it and took her clothes and dashed into the wash room to change. After coming out, she avoided looking at him.  She couldn’t take his eyes on her.  She felt so vulnerable in front of him.  She moved into the kitchen to prepare the dinner.  When she was finished, she found Maan with Manan sitting on the table.  His eyes were still fixed on her making her nervous as hell. The evening carried on and grew into night as she finished her work and took a semi sleeping Manan back to the room.  She gently rocked him and placed him inside the cradle after he slept.  Now came the time she dreaded.  She dint know what to expect from now on.  She changed her dress and lay on one side of the bed.  She was wide awake waiting for him to come.  She dint know what she would do, what he would do say or react to.  This was the worst phase in a relationship.  This feeling of uncertainty was killing her.  That was the time she heard footsteps.  She quickly turned to the other side and closed her eyes.  She was hoping he would think she was asleep and leave her.  She felt him slid down beside her and getting comfortable.  She held her breath and hoped he would believe her acting.  She waited for him to do something.  But nothing came.  After few more minutes, she relaxed herself and tried to get some sleep.  But that was never going to happen as she felt his warm hand on her back.  He was gently opening her back zip.  She froze.  What was he doing she thought as she felt him caresses her now bare back.  He removed his hand and wound it around her waist.  He pulled her towards him, pasting her back to his front. She felt like a weightless doll being easily pulled.

I know you are awake.. he breathed into her ears, as he placed wet kisses down her ear lobe to her shoulder.  He peeled the dress a bit more down as he kissed his way. 

Turn around.  He ordered and she did so like a doll.  She couldn’t deny the authority in his voice. He moved partially on her placing kisses on her exposed skin.  After sometime he stopped and was struggling with her dress.  He dint know how to get the kurta off her.  With a forceful pull, he tore off the top and threw it away from them.  Geet gasped and on reflex her arms crossed around her torso hiding her female curves from his eyes.

Don’t hid ur self from me.  He whispered as he removed her hands and then continued to place kissed from her neck down her valley.  He tugged on her pyjama twine but was finding it difficult to remove the pant as she was lying like a stone.  He again tore it off her and Geet felt ashamed.  She was getting scared of his behaviour.  Her body was shivering.  Mistake was all that her mind was telling her.  She was now getting sure that this marriage was a mistake and this man, her husband was some sort of a beast. Feeling shy and ashamed, she crossed her arms again

Remove it now.  He ordered in a stern voice that made Geet tremble again.  She saw his eyes that were splitting fire.  Both of passion and anger. He roughly removed her inners that were the last bit of clothes on her body.  He stood up from her and rid himself of his clothes.  But all this time, his eyes were on her.  He did things to her through his eyes that bought both fear and anticipation in her heart.  She dint know from when had she become so shameless.  She couldn’t bare his eyes anymore she tried to hide herself again when

I said stop it.  Tume samaj nahi ati hai na?? then its time I teach you that you are supposed to listen to what I tell you.  Saying he took his T-shirt and tied her hands to the bed pole.  Geet looked at him in horror. 

This will teach you to obey.  Saying he climbed on her and continued his torture.  Yes that is what Geet thought of it.  What he did to her was something she felt humiliated.  She felt like an animal to be tied off like that.  At that time he was feeling shy.  There were way of making her feel comfortable.  But no he had to tied her up.  Tears of humiliation spilled through her eyes. But one part of her was enjoying this also.  It was yearning for his scorching touches.  His hands were everywhere, scorching its way through her body.  She could feel him do things to her that she dint even imagine to have existed.  If she thought that the previous night was passionate, then this night was out of the world.  But still she felt ashamed of herself.  Was she so perverted that she was enjoying someone treat her like an animal.  She dint know. 

After what continued like hours, both of them gave up to their sleep.  But Geet couldn’t sleep fully as she was again woken by smooth kisses that were planted on her already painful body.  Both her body and mind was rejecting him.  As their previous union had bruised her.  But it seemed Maan was nowhere to stop. She wanted to tell him to stop wanted to cry out loud but fear of what he would do to her stopped her.  He had untied her hand later on, but if she denied his right now, she shuddered thinking of what he would do.

Touch me his coarse voice touched her ears.

She dint understand what he was saying?  She had never thought of what his meaning was.  She hesitantly placed her sweaty hands on his bare chest.  She tried moving them but her mental state wasn’t into this act.  She was drained heavily.

Kya hua?  You weren’t so hesitant the first time we had s** that time we weren’t even married. He snapped at her, frustrated with her actions

Geet felt his words pricking.  Tears welled her eyes as she understood what he thought of her.  She understood she was nothing  but a bed warmer and the care taker of his child.  Nothing else.  She was being punished by what she had done.  She was so lost in her agony that she dint realise him grabbing her shakking hands and placing them on his organ

Now he growled as he continued to feel her cold body and plan kisses…

After sometime, they both relaxed and Maan pulled Geet on him and hugged her.

You realise that we are not using protection right?  He asked her out of the blue.

Ji.. she whispered.

If you get pregnant, Manan will still get what he is getting from you.  He told her.  She dint understand if he was asking her or telling her.  But that was not the point.  She was hurt that he would even think of this.  How could she differentiated.

Actually you will give him more importance if you have a child.  He told her again.  She was hurt by his words.  What does he mean by have a child.  If she gets pregnant it would be his too. Dint he have a bonding towards this marriage or that child that their relationship would give?  Geet was getting scared by the minute. 

Do you understand?  Or do you want me to explain this in another manner.  He asked her sternly.

Ji.  I get it.  She replied meekly.  She dint want to fight.  She was already fighting inside her mind.  But she did want to ask him one thing

We can use protection.  Me kal le aungi..

Really and what will you tell people why you are using it?  This is a small town Geet kabhar jaldhi fail jati hai.  And I don’t want anyone to know abt out marriage now.  This was the next set of shocking news she got. 


Enough.  Now sleep. Saying he pushed her from him and turned around and slept.  Geet dint know what to do.  How could you be so stupid?  She thought for the nth time today.  He doesn’t want people to know about their marriage.  She thought in horror and pain.  Tho me ab kya hun?  What am I called?  I sleep with him like a wife, mother of his child but socially don’t hold position as his wife.  Yeh kya ho raha hai Babaji she cried mentally as she was scared of the man next to her.  She slowly moved away from the bed towards the wash room, sleep was long forgotten.  She had things to worry about and future to plan for.  She slowly and awkwardly walked towards the room and closed the door.  Hoping for some privacy.

Tho aap nahi aoge kya?? One of the workers asked.  He was a young man working there for the past 1 year.

Nahi, Maharaj hai aur mera tho school ka bhi job hai na.  Geet said with a smile. 

Accha teek hai.  Saying he left her.  Geet stood there taking in the evening sun and then walked inside the house.  It has been 15 days of their marriage and 25 days from the day he came, her life had changed drastically.  In these 15 days she had found Maan to be a rude, angry and very stubborn man.   But also she saw another side of him when he was with Manan.  She saw him smile and play with that boy.  She could feel the love for the boy he had.  This made her happy and somewhere gave her hope that may be someday, he would show that love to her also. With her, he was mostly bossy.  She felt like a servant when she was with him.  He told her what to do and she would do it.  Even in the bed it was like that.  But she did look forwards to that intimacy as that was the time he dint seem disturbed or angry. She smiled as she remembered how he would, in throes of passion call her beautiful or baby.  She blushed where remembering it.

Tho kya bath ho rahi thi?? Came a voice making a jerk out of her thoughts.  She looked up to see Maan standing there glaring at her.  She gulped.  She could feel the familiar fear rising inside her.

Wo tho field me cam karne wala aadmi ha.  She replied, shivering in fear.

Tho workers se has has ke bath karthi ho kya?? He asked coming towards her.  She moved back in fear.  Words got stuck in her throat

Tell me Geet.  Us se tho acche se bath kar rahi thi? So why aren’t you replying me? He sneered at her.

Nahi wo tho

Wo tho kya?? Plans bana rahe the?  He mocked her

Ji?? Kya??

Wo hi tho puch raha hun.  Kya plans banarahe the?

Nothing.  Wo sirf yeh janna chahta tha ki me unski behen ki shadhi pe a rahi hun ki nahi.  She replied quickly as fear was mounting.

Shut up.  Don’t lie to me.. he growled at her.  I know such woman like you.  He spate.  Jab tum mere sath kar sakte  ho than why not with others??

Maan ji?? What..

Innocent math banno.  Yadhi tum sift 10 days rahkar mere sath so sakthi ho then why not him.  Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if you have already.  He accused her heartleslsly.

Maan ji.  Pls.  I .. wo.. ou..d ne..v..e..r.  she cried unable to take such words.  Mistake her mind started chanting seeing him like this.

Shut up.. shut up.. he shouted at her

I don’t want you to talk to him or any one understand he yelled at him holding him arms tightly..

Maan ji.. it is paining She cried unable to bear the pain

Paining.. it is paining for me also.. To see your wonton behaviour. He shouted pushing her.

Geet fell on the ground and hit her back.  She yelped in pain but Maan dint seem to be affected.  He turned around and marched upstairs leaving her to sob on her fate.


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