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The same day is going on. This will be continuation from the last part.

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Riddhima entered her cabin really irritated by Arnav’s behavior.

Kya bath hai jaan you look upset?  She heard a teasing voice from behind.(what is the matter dear you look upset?)

She turned around and smiled looking at her husband

Armaan puch math. He is so… soo.. uff.. I think this nature runs in the family. She said slumping down in her chair

Oh ho. don’t tell me you got scared by him so soon?  Teased Armaan as he sat down and pulled Riddhima on his lap.

Shut up.  Sab tumari wajha se hua hai.  She said fuming.

Sorry jaan.  But pls I need to do this. He said suddenly shifting to a serious tone. Redemption is needed jaan if not I would never force you to take this case.

Armaan Malik don’t say that.  Riddhima said immediately feeling bad for making Armaan sad.  You know I have no problem just ki I got annoyed and worried seeing that. She said smiling.

Accha teek hai what happened.  Armaan asked and she told him what she saw in the room when she entered making Armaan burst laughing

Oh man… I just wish ki me waha hota to see your face he said between laughing making Riddhima frustrated.

Shut up Armaan I thought he did something to her last night. The room looked a mess. But then when I saw him so protective of her I thought ki

You are getting scared for no reason filled in Armaan with a knowing smile

Han Han I know you’ll support your family only. Me kon hun?  Riddhima fumed as she got up to leave

Ok ok baba… one more day and you know after the assessment you need not handle them alone.  He said with a guilty look as he pulled her back.

I know.  She said as she rested her head in his chest as he gently rocked her.

Kushi woke up with a head ache.  She dint know or remember what happened last night.  She got up a bit dazed too.

Arnav ji.. She called in a weak voice

Kushi.. You’re up.  He said smiling at her.

Kushi just kept looking at him.  For all the time she had stayed with him, he had never smiled like this.  His disheveled hair and sleepy face made him look cute. She too smiled back at him.

Hume bookh lagi hai she said looking here and there to find something to eat.(I’m hungry)

Ok pehle fresh ho jao aur me tumareliye kuch la tha hun. He said getting himself away from the bed. (You first get fresh I’ll get something to eat.)

Nodding her head Kushi entered the bath room and Arnav went out to get food for them from the canteen. 

By the time Kushi came out she found the room empty.  She dint like it a bit.  Most of all she was scared.

Just then the door opened and Arnav came in with food.

Challo start aur me fresh ho jata hun saying he placed the food on the table and entered the washroom. (You start I’ll get fresh and come)

As he came out he saw the food untouched and Kushi busy in cleaning the room

Kya kar rahe ho?  He asked getting angry. (What are you doing?)  She said she was hungry and now she is has not even started.  He thought.

Wo.. Humne shocha ki sath me khayenge tho me intezar kar rahi thi.  She replied looking down as she dint like seeing him angry. (I thought we will eat together and so I was waiting.)

Hmm.. Ok come and eat saying he pulled the chair and Kushi sat down.  Both finished their breakfast silently.

Kushi?  Tumari jiji ka name kya hai?  Arnav asked as he remembered her taking this name in her sleep. (Kushi what is your sister’s name?)

Jiji?  Unka naam Payal hai.  Meri jiji duniya me sabse pyari hai. And so Kushi continued her rant about her wonderful and out of the world jiji but Arnav was lost thinking where to find her sister as he wanted to take her to task for getting Kushi married to an unknown man. (Her name is Payal and my sister is the most lovable person in this world.)  He thought he would find her and then he would reach the man who had done this to Kushi.

Kya hume kuch desi khana milega?  Kushi asked innocently as she gulped down her juice trying to push the bread down her throat. (Can I get some desi food?)

Kya? Arnav asked coming back from his thoughts

Wo.. hume ese khana bilkul pasand nahi hai.  She said pouting as she looked down.  (wo I don’t like this kind of food)
ok me kuch arrange karoonga Arnav said getting up. (Ok I’ll arrange something.)  He cleared the table as Kushi cleared the room.  They worked in perfect synchronization as though they have been doing this for a long time.

The door knocked and in came Pritvi along with a nurse, who gave Kushi tablets.  Which she took in complete disgust. 

Sir you wanted to see me?  Pritvi asked as he smile towards Kushi who also returned it. 

Arnav saw the exchange and dint like it.

Let’s go out and talk saying he moved out not before seeing that Pritvi was out first.

Pritvi, get a cook and ask him to make food 4 times a day and bring it to Kushi every day. He ordered.  Also I want you to stay here and keep an eye on her.  Make sure no one visits her.  Make sure she is safe. After a pause make sure you don’t go inside her room also.  Arnav said in a strict manner. 

But sir what abt you?  I’ll put someone here and I’ll come with you.  Pritvi offered letting go of what Arnav said in the last and Arnav accepted after thinking for a while.  He liked this idea as he dint like Pritvi’s and Kushi’s interaction.

I’ll be working from here for some time.  I’ll talk to Aman in this regard.  Don’t tell di or anyone abt my whereabouts.  Arnav said and dismissed him before he came into the room

Wo challe gaye?  Kushi asked immediately seeing Arnav enter alone. (He left?)


Pritvi Bhai aur kon?  Kushi asked as her eyes searched him. (Prithvi Bhai who else?)

Han challe gaye. Saying he walked off with jealousy clearly written on his face.(Yes he left)

Kushi sat silently tugging the robe which was not long enough for her.

Arnav ji. She called as she was really uncomfortable with the dress she was wearing.

Hmm.. He hummed as he typed away on his laptop.

Hume kuch kapde chahiye.  She said slowly. (I need some clothes)

Hmmm.. He again hummed not listening to her…

ARRRNNNAAAVVV JJIII she yelled startling him.

Kya hai Kushi. He practically squealed like a girl. (What is it Kushi?)

Wo hume kapde chahiye. She said looking down again. (I want some clothes)

Arnav looked at her teek hai.  Batao tume konse kapde chahiye and I’ll get them he said casually. (Ok tell me what clothes you need I’ll get them)

Kushi then told him her needs just like that without hesitation.

Me jake le aunga.  Tum yaha rahna aur bahar math jana. Teek hai?  He told her as he left the room. Kushi sat alone in the room feeling lonely immediately.  She lay down on the bed and slept off. (I’ll go and get it.) (You stay here and don’t go out. Ok?)

Meanwhile Arnav called Aman

Aman get XYZ detective agency to contact me immediately.  And also get Akash’s secretary to come and meet me in the ***** restaurant in 30 minutes. Saying he cut the call. Arnav knew he dint have a female secretary so he thought he was calling Lavanya, unknown that he was calling Payal the same sister of Kushi who he had thought to search.

Shyam ji lunch ka time bohot crowd hota hai yaha pe.  Said Geet/Anjali as she entered the ***** restaurant with him. (Shyam ji there is always too much crowd during lunch here)

I know so only I got a table booked.  Smiled Shyam as he led her to the table.

I think I got everything you like he said looking at her and Geet/Anjali felt uncomfortable with the way he was looking at her.

Ji.. Bilkul she smiled at him halfheartedly.  She felt bad that she was not reciprocating his feelings.  The table was set for them and it seems Shyam had arranged all her favorites even before she mentioned any.  She mentally cursed Maan for destroying her for anyone else.  How she wished she could at least enjoy this moment without guilt eating her.  She dint know why she was feeling guilty to come out with her own husband when Maan was sleeping around with so many women and flaunting them to her face.  Closing her eyes for a moment she brought her self under control.  She told herself she had thought of giving Shyam a chance and she would do it whole heartedly.

So this time also you dint get any information from Lucknow?  Maan asked frustrated

Yes sir.  We are trying but no one knows what completely happen with the Kumar’s.

How can that be? Maan yelled as he slammed his hands on the table, scaring the detectives.

Sir we will try again.  The care taker of the Sheesh Mahal said that we can get more information from his father who is in their village.  He had promised us to call when his father arrives.  It seems his father worked there when the Kumar’s lived in that house. The detective quickly spoke in fear of this man.

Go to that village and talk to his father. I cannot wait anymore.  I have waited so many years and now the wait is really painful.  He said as pain etched his face

Ji sir we will go today itself. The men said as they left the room.

Maan walked to the window.  He needed to get her.  He had promised his father.  He would not give up. She was his sister and he would find her.  With a determined face he looked away.

Samira knocked and entered the room

Darling… she said in her sultry voice

Sam.. yaha?  Maan asked looking confused at her

Yes did you forget our lunch date?  Sam asked with a seductive smile

Oh for that. Ok let’s go.  Maan said as he wanted to get away from the room

Both Sam and Maan entered the same restaurant Geet/Anjali and Shyam was in.

Sam made sure they sat in such a way that Maan could see them but not hear them. Maan at first dint see them but then his eyes fell on Geet everything else just disappeared.  His heart burned as he saw her sit with her husband. He hated the mere sight of it. He saw her laugh and smile with that man and he fumed inside.  It was as though his insides were in fire and would any moment blow.  He saw Shyam hold Geet’s hand and that was enough for him.  The glass that he had in his hand broke with the force in which he held it.  If it would have been sham’s head man would have been happier.

His eyes followed what they were doing.  He dint eat even a morsel but was more immersed in what she ate and how she ate.  His eyes followed her as they finished their food and left the restaurant.  Maan’s anger knew no bounds at that moment.  He grabbed Sam and dragged her to the office.  It was time that he started doing what he had planned.  It was time he told himself finally as they left the place

Arnav sat on one chair looking at how happy his di was.  He had come to the place to get Lavanya, but it seems the worthless Lavanya was late again.  He was getting angrier but all evaporated when he saw his sister and brother in law.  He was happy to see her smile.  His heart felt at peace to see her happy. She was his only family and seeing her happy made him happy.  He had first thought of seeing Shyam and talking to him but later pushed it off as he dint want to disturb them.  Just then he was called by a female voice

Sir?  She called again and Arnav looked at her irritated for disturbing him

Wo.. Sir.. aap Arnav Singh Raizada hai right?  She asked a bit hesitant

Who wants to know he replied arrogantly.

Ji wo.. Akash sir ne behja… Aman sir ne kaha that you wanted me to be here… she said getting nervous. (Yes sir. Akash sir sent me.  Aman sir said that you wanted me here)

You are Akash’s secretary?  He asked surprised by the new addition.

Ji sir. I am Payal Gupta sir.  She said with a meek smile.  This man scared her… and she dint like getting intimidated like this

Hmm.. Arnav said and got up.  Come with me.  You need to get something for me saying he got inside the car.

Nodding her head she was about to enter the car when she saw Shyam… Payal’s eyes were wide in surprise.  She saw him get into a car.  She dashed from that place running behind him.

Ruko.. She yelled as she ran towards him in such a hurry that she dint see who was coming opposite to her…

Ruko she yelled stretching her hand towards him but Shyam was busy in the phone and left off even without seeing her.  Payal ran behind the car like a mad woman.  She was running on the road trying to reach the car but she couldn’t do it.  Tired she fell on the road with tears spilling from her eyes.  She broke down crying on the road itself.  She dint know where to search for him again. 

What the hell is wrong with you woman Arnav yelled at her as he pulled her up and dragged her to the pavement.

Pagal ho beech road pe chillate bagh rahi ho?  He yelled at her… (Are you mad? Running in the middle of the road screaming)

Payal dint have words coming out of her mouth.  She couldn’t stop her tears. She was so close was the only thought in her mind.

Arnav was really getting angry with this.  What the hell is wrong with you? he shouted at her as he shook her.

Wipe your face and stop crying.  Tume apni izzat ka khayal na hoga but I have abt mine. He snapped at her.(wipe your face and stop crying.  you might not have thoughts of your respect but i have abt mine>)

My sister Payal cried unable to stop herself… that man.. She cried looking at the direction where the car went.

Arnav was confused by this.

What are you saying? He wanted to shout again but the look of complete defeat and hopelessness that he saw on Payal’s face stopped him.

My sister sir. Pls I need to save her. She cried, kneeling on the road complexly lost in her misery

Arnav understood that she might have lost her sister and is looking for her.

Did you note the car number?  He asked her. Hiding his concern which he suddenly felt for this unknown girl.

Payal’s face paled more.  How can she be so stupid?  In all this running she forgot abt this.  She looked up at her supposed to be heartless boss.  She was ashamed of herself.  The presence of mind that a stranger had she dint.  She nodded her face in a no.

Arnav was really getting pissed. First this girl was running on the road like mad now she is crying like this. Most of all she was wasting his time.  He wanted to get over this shopping and leave so that he could be with Kushi.  It was already nearing 2pm now.

Look rone se kuch nahi hota.  Stop crying and use your brains. Next time remember this. He told her sternly.

You go back to office. I have no use of you in this mood.  Saying he was abt to leave when Payal stopped him

Sir I’m fine.  Saying she rubbed her face with her duppata. I’ll come saying she walked towards his car not even sparing a glance at him.

Taking a deep breath to control his rising temper, Arnav entered his car and left for the shop.

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