Geet carried her bag finishing her security check.  She had an hour left for her flight.  She sat down and stared aimlessly.  She dint feel alive anyway.  It was as though she was a walking and breathing corpse.  She dint want to leave this place.  This was home.  This was where Manan was there.  Her reason for life was there.  But it is also true that if she remained here, all would be lost.  All their lives would be in a mess. They would spend the rest of their together time fighting to stay together.  She knew, whatever she did she could never keep him from him.  He would definitely take him away from her.  He was more powerful and able that her.  She would just be fighting a losing battle.  She knew she had decided well.  It was for the better.  Now Manan will have his future with him and slowly forget that he knew this low class woman once.  This mere thought bought tears in her eyes.  The past 8 years with him have been bliss.  Every memory with him was a treasure she would value.

Pyar me na sahi, nafrath me sahi yad karlena mujhe she thought as she let the tears fall from her eyes.

Her time was up as she heard the announcement for her flight.  She took her bag and left the place.  In the next 20 mins she found herself sitting in the flight again lost in her thoughts.

Time flew and she landed in her destination.  She was informed that a person from the Browns family would be coming to get her.  She got her luggage and completed her security check and was abt the come out when an announcement stopped her

Calling Mrs Geet Singh to Customs office immediately.  I repeat calling Mrs Geet Singh to the Customs Office Immediately

She turned around and did as she was told. On reaching there she found two men waiting for her there.

You are Geet? Pls come in saying he took her bag or to say snatched her bag and entered the room.  Geet was taken aback by his rudeness but still followed.  The man then walked into another door which opened into a room which had no windows.  It had one wall sized mirror on one side and a table with two chair in the middle

Madam sit here.  He told her in a harsh voice.  Geet pulled the chair and sat down.  The man left the room taking her bag.  Geet dint understand what was going on.  Taking a deep breath she calmed her nerves and settled herself.

Are you Mrs Geet Singh? Asked a ruff voice.  Geet opened her eyes but couldnt see anyone.  She looked around and found few speaker and understood there were speaking to her from somewhere else.


Are you sure Madam?

What do you mean?

I mean are you sure that you are Mrs Geet Singh and not Miss Geet Handa or Mrs Geet Singh Kurrana? The man said

Geet froze listing to these names.  She has not used them in these past few years.  She has been called Mrs Singh for the past 8 years

Mrs Singh? Are you alright?

Yes sir

So do tell us

I don’t know what you are talking abt sir.  Geet told the man.  But she couldn’t stop the shiver in her voice

Ma’am we can either do it the easier way or the hard way but you need to understand we will get our answers… said the man more seriously

Geet started to get more tensed. i.. i.. me..ann. ll..

ma’am. Came another voice but this one was strong but still looked disguised pls cooperate with us.  Tell us your full name.  We need to know if you are Mrs Geet Singh or Miss Geet Handa. And if so why is your passport Mrs Geet Singh?

Geet kept quiet.

How are you related to Mr. Maan Singh Kurrana and Manan Singh?  Asked the same man

She was quiet

Ma’am answer us

No answer

Ok if you don’t answer then we would bring them in and I promise you ma’am we would not be as kind on these two as we have been on you. Said he man.

Please don’t do this cried Geet. I’ll tell you she cried

I’ll tell you