Part 9: Justice

Days rolled on like this�. Guddu and Pari’s friendship brought happiness and jealousy out of everyone�Happiness for their parents and jealousy out of others who wished that their son or daughter couldn’t be such friends with such a rich girl.. But in Guddu’s and Pari’s world� there were just two possessive kids who wanted only each other for themselves.. no one else was allowed�.. Shyam’s occasional visits irritated Arnav to the core� he wouldn’t touch anything that he bought for him.. and would hide all the gifts he bought for Kushi also� somehow, Shyam felt like a third man in his life� and he made sure to take his Pari far away when Shyam was home�. The day Shyam was leaving to US for his studies, Arnav was the happiest� he danced and played and sang to his hearts content� he even let DK (Dr Khanna) inspect him� and talked to him also�.
DK was amazed by the friendship that these two shared with each other�. It was more like Arnav had something equal to hero worship towards Kushi.. He had talked to Kushi and she had promised to help him out�. The therapy classes were attended by Kushi, Amar and even by Shashi� but the classes were attended by Kushi in majority� there weren’t even one class that she missed out and Arnav stuck to her like glue� she was like a pillar of strength for the elder boy and he rested completely on her�. DK had asked Kushi to get Arnav interested in sports also.. Though Arnav was not very much into the idea at first, but seeing Kushi interest in it.. he too decided to play� the therapy included tiring him out completely by the day end� his classes included games with an hour of gym and surya namaskar in the morning which was joined by Kushi�. It was nearly 15 days now and Arnav seemed fine externally�. His late night dreams have reduced but still he was haunted by them occasionally�.. Kushi slept with him most of the nights� she had set near him a baby communicator.. which would pick up any sounds from his room to her.. She was like a mother hen hovering around him always�. Arnav had somewhere found himself a mother in her�. And he loved this feeling�
Pari� uto� he called her one Sunday� it was 6 in the morning and Kushi was not in the mood to get up�.
What do you want Guddu�.I’m feeling sleepy.. she moaned� all night she was awake in Arnav’s room as last night he had one of those nightmares�..
Come na� I’ll show you something�. He pulled her out�
Ok wait she said and entered inside the bathroom and brushed her teeth and came out only in her towel which was tied to her waist�
She went to her cupboard and wore her clothes and left with him�Arnav made her sit on his A1 cycle and peddled towards the ground�
Kya hai??? Kushi asked irritated.. she was hungry�
Dehko�. He showed her a small hole in the ground�
Kya�.??? She asked as she sat down near it and tried seeing� Arnav cleared the mud from that hole and lifted 4 small baby rats.. They were very cute.. And had their eyes closed�
AWWW kitney cute hai�. She screamed�. Can I hold them??? She asked him hopefully�
Han yaar.. yeh lo.. saying he placed them in her soft hands� their movements tickled her hand making her giggle�. Arnav all the time was looking at her only� he really like the way her eyes shown in excitement� he always wanted her to be like this� happy and Kushi.. he looked at her in awe as she talked to the babies and twirled around happily holding them carefully in her hands�. She put them back in the hole�
Chalo.. let us get something for them to eat� she said getting up..
Teek hai.. saying Arnav took her back home to get milk for the babies.. but what they dint note was that there was a crow sitting and eyeing those babies� as soon as these two left the spot, the crow picked the babies and flew away�..
Kushi was in tears when they came to the spot� they both thought the babies were lost.. not knowing that by now, the babies might have been dead�(guys.. this is the truth of their life� soon you will know)they both reached home really sad� hoping to see those babies somewhere�
Meanwhile in the study�.
So Jha.. Hearing is tomorrow???? Asked a worried Shashi..
Yes.. and I have requested for a small set up.. I mean no outsiders will be allowed.. I just want it to be low profile as possible� Manohar said as he took the coffee cup from Amar�
But sahab ji.. what abt Guddu�. Do we take him also???
Yes we have to� without him there will be no case� but he will not be interrogated in front of everyone� as he is a kid and is only 10yrs.. don’t worry too much Amar�
Hmmm.. but Manu you think we will get justice????
I am hoping Shashi� I have gotten Suresh’s back ground checked..and every time he had left a place, there had been a death or some thing similar�. But unfortunately we aren’t able to join dots�
And you think he is responsible for those death??? How come…
Cos all this are cases of death of children�so only�
Ok so.. but before Shashi could continue� his phone rang�.
Hello bhaiyya?? He heard a voice..
Arrey chotey�??? Kase ho� Shashi asked cheerfully�
Badiya bhaiyya�. Wo� actually I’m planning to shift to India now�..may be in a month time he said..
Arry Sacchu�. Why do you have to inform me.. just come home.. we are all waiting for you here� Sashi said�.
Thank you Bhaiya� wo Kamya is also going to come with me.. he said in a soft voice�
Hmmm� ok� she is the bahu of this house now.. she is welcomed� Shashi said� trying to sound happy�
Ok will talk to you later� saying he cut the call�.
Was it Sachdev, Shashi??? Manohar asked�.
Yes.. guess what� he is coming back�. Shashi said� happiness evident in his face�
Hmmm Manohar hummed�. He never liked Sachdev Gupta.. He was a snake� no one could guess he was the brother of such a nice man that sneak�. But he could never say so to Shashi�
Ok now for the case�. We will meet tomorrow�. I have called DK also� saying Manohar left the place�.
The next day came, and the kids were told that they need not go to school that day�.. The Guptas and Maliks left for the court� and things got hot after that�..
(guys I don’t know much abt the case and other things� so pls excuse me for doing this�.i’m just gonna give you a outline)
The judge and the lawyers assembled and the hearing took place��
The police bought in Suresh. And the judge heard his part of the story�
Then came the chance of Guddu’s team� first on the block was Amar� who told the judge how he had asked Suresh to tutor Arnav and how he had accepted.. and so on�.
Then came Shashi Gupta who explained what work Suresh did and how he was with the people there�
All the people who came later, only said how nice a person Suresh was�.
Then came in DK who explained how much Arnav was affected and described his state of mind and also pressed the fact that he(Arnav) cannot come face to face with Suresh as it might affect him�
The photos taken on that day, along with the doctors reports of Arnav on that day were shown�.
Though all this described abuse but no where proved a sexual harassment case� the judge said so�.and also� the part of sexual harassment or rape was only for women, girls not for boys� as the term of insertion was never possible for them�..hearing this made the Amar and co a bit disappointed�
On top of that, the talks of Arnav not being mentally fit� by Vimla and the others also dint go fine with the judge�
The judge refused to believe in a case of sexual harassment. And also over ruled an argument where Suresh’s lawyer stated of Arnav being a boy with a vey active imagination�..
Mr Manohar Jha bought in few more proofs where Suresh had worked� the judge disqualified many, stating that they were without evidence� but there was one case where Suresh had beaten a kid� that stood again Suresh�
Irrespective of what the lawyers fought� the only case that stood against Suresh was physical abuse� meaning physically beating the child�
But when DK emphasized on Suresh being mentally unfit.. he was suffering from pedophilia� he showed the judge the videos of his treatment with Arnav� the boy’s description and understanding of what had happened to him�.the people present there had tears in their eyes�..the last minute proof from a family of Dehradun declaring that Suresh had killed their child had sealed his fate�. Suresh was given death sentence by court and was removed from all his educational degrees..
Suresh couldn’t do much.. he boiled in rage�. He just once wanted to meet Arnav and that Kushi� but that was not possible.. His anger was more on that particular Kushi.. He vowed he would come back and if he does,� he will get that Kushi�.. But before he could say anything, he was taken away��
Everyone jumped in happiness�.. Their prayers have been heard, good had defeated the evil and wrong� all were very happy�. All that was left was to get their Guddu back to how he was�. Shashi thanked DK and Manohar for what they have done�. Amar cried hugging each and everyone� he had thanked Shashi and had vouched his life for what he had done for his family�. The happy elders reached their kids only to find them lost in their own world�. In their innocence, playing and laughing and living� they all hoped that these two would live like this for ever�..
After one month, Sachdev Gupta along with his wife(or what ever) Kamya reached Sheesh Mahal�. Both of them were awestruck by the architecture.. Sachdev and Kamya smiled at each other� they knew why they were here and how to get it also�. As for now� Sachdev had to behave like Lakshma to his Ram brother�. Both smiled evilly as they entered the house�..