Part 19

Geet/Anjali returned home tired both mentally and emotionally. She dint know how long she could hold her fort against Maan and knowing herself, she would lose soon. Taking a deep breath she entered into her daughter’s room feeling very guilty for not making her sleep. She was thinking that her gudiyya would be awake and angry with her. But what she saw made her stunned. There was Shyam, sitting beside a sleeping Sakshi. He was slowly humming something which she couldn’t hear properly but this sight made her surprised.
Anju? He called out to her seeing her shocked face.
Wo.. Aap yaha? She asked still in the same position (you here?)
Why shouldn’t I spend sometime with my child? He asked in the most sincere voice he could produce
Ji.. wo bath nahi thi but i.. I .. was just she stammered not knowing what to tell him. (No that was not what I meant)
I know Anju… Shyam said holding her hand in his I hurt you a lot that day. Wo I was in so much of stress and. and… Anyway badh me bath karenge. He said gently pulling her out of Sakshi’s room. (We will talk later)
Geet/Anjali silently followed Shyam really confused by his sudden change of nature.
Ok tum fresh ho jao and then we will have dinner. Smiled Shyam as he left a very confused Geet/Anjali in her room.
After half hour she found herself sitting in the table and eating dinner with her husband who was really acting different
Kya bath hai Shyam ji? She asked getting suspicious. (What is the matter Shyam ji?)
Kuch bhi tho nahi I was just feeling guilty for my behavior that day that is all. Shyam said and continued eating.
Par.. Geet/Anjali started.
No Anju… you… I mean.. Me aur kitna wait karon. You tell me? Shyam started in a really low and sad voice
7 years Anju… koi itna wait nahi kartha is zamane me. You know that. Shyam said waving his hand. (How long do I wait?) (No one does in this time)
I want a life Anju. A normal married life jaha I get a loving wife and kids. Tell me? Kya me galath hun? He asked in his sincere tone again. (am i wrong?)
Geet/Anjali was shocked hearing this. But she too understood what he was saying.
But Shyam ji. She was again stopped.
I know you don’t love me. But Anjali I do. He said holding her hand. Geet/Anjali was shocked by this. Shyam ji loves her? She dint know what to saying hearing this confession.
I have loved you for many years now. But as every days goes by I have realized that you’ll never love me. Aur I just don’t know what to do. Issliye, my helplessness comes out like this and I hurt you. He said looking down in shame
Geet/Anjali still looked stunned by his words. She dint know how to react now
I had always dreamed of my own small house where my wife and kids will grow up. I have always wished to have a family which I can call my own. Meri biwi mere bacche who would love me and only me. Kya me galath sochta hun? He asked her, smirking to himself seeing her face. (my wife, my kids who will love me and only me.)
Kya itne sal badh yeh sab expect karna galath hai? I don’t know. Actually of late mujhe kudh nahi pata. Saying he covered his face by his hands and his body shook as he broke into tears. (is it wrong to expect all this after these years?)
I am getting old Anjali. Me apni in feelings ke sath jee nahi sakta and if I tell you tum mujhe chod dogi. Which is equalant to death for me. He cried into his hands. (i cannot live with these feelings and if i tell you, you’ll leave me)
He then removed his hands and quickly wiped his red face with his kerchief. He then took her hands again… Give me a change Anju. Ek mouka tho dedo mujhe… i want to have you as my wife in all means. I want Sakshi to have siblings. I want us to have a family. He said with eyes full of hope. (just give me one chance)
But Geet/Anjali couldn’t talk anything. Her voice was chocked inside her throat by all this…
I know you need time. I understand but please don’t disappoint me. Pls think abt this. Bolo will you think abt this? He asked her hopefully and Geet/Anjali could only nod her head to this.
Ok fir let us begin. Will you come out for lunch with me tomorrow?
Ji… wo… office? She managed to croak out
Ha. Just tell me when is your lunch break and I’ll be there to get you. Smiled Shyam
By 12:30 just call and I’ll come down. Replied Geet/Anjali with an uncomfortable smile
Thank you so much. Saying Shyam hugged her and left her. Geet/Anjali somehow felt very hesitant. But she too knew that what Shyam said was true. It was 7 years but still she had not even looked at him in that manner. One good thing with Maan coming back was that he has broken the mild hope she had that he loves her. He dint. She understood that he never loved her. It was, is and will always be lust whereas Shyam had supported her when she needed it. He had come forward and gave her child his name to protect them both from the society. She was eternally grateful for this act. Getting up she thought it was time for her to move on and who would be better than Shyam himself.

Hello Sam?? Shyam called her with a smirk on his face
Tho kya hua? Sam asked getting excited
The game is on dear… and now it is your turn to bring him tomorrow.
Don’t worry Maan will come with me defo. So do you think it will work?
Of course. This is the starting. By the time I’m done with them, their love will burn in the fire of their hatred for each other and we both will reap benefits out of this fire. Smiled Shyam evilly

The morning sun rose and Arnav found himself completely tied with Kushi. He smiled looking at her innocent face. The bruises she gave herself yesterday was visible and he closed his eyes to get himself free from the harsh memories of the past night. He gently pushed back her hair that was lazily falling on her face, disturbing his view of her. He smiled as he saw her pout in her sleep. She was indeed beautiful. A fallen angel sent to be taken care of by him. He himself was surprised by his thoughts and feelings for her. It was amazing how in this short period of time he was feeling so protective of this young girl. Was it cos she had faced similar things as him? Or was it he had hurt her too unknown to her reality? He dint know. But somehow he was feeling all this and for the first time he dint want to push them off. He wanted to feel them grow and form roots inside his stone heart where he could preserve her forever. He smiled at his emotional thoughts as he got up. But getting up was not that easy. Kushi laid partially on him. Her legs and hands were around him and not to mention the bed spread that covered them both in such a way that they were stuck to each other. Arnav tried to remove himself from her and the sheet without disturbing her. But his meddling with the covered disturbed her sleep.
Sone do na jiji.. Moaned Kushi as she snuggled more into him.(let me sleep no jiji)
With a sigh, Arnav laid back as he dint want to make her get up so early.
It was around 9 am when the door was knocked and was opened by Dr. Riddhima Malik, who looked both worried and angry.
Yeh kya hai Mr. Raizada? She asked sternly looking at the way they were sleeping. (What is this Mr. Raizada?)
Arnav raised his brow instead of answering. There was no way he was explaining anything to her
See Mr. Raizada this is not your house. Yeh hospital hai and look at the room. It looks as though a tornado went pass here. She spoke really rudely.
I’ll pay for the damages. Arnav said arrogantly not getting up at all. On the contrary, he held Kushi much closer to himself showing Riddhima that he dint care of what she thought.
Taking a deep breath to control her temper Riddhima tried again. See Mr. Raizada.. She started but was stopped
First you see. If you expect me to leave her and go, it is not happening. Me Kushi ko akele apne hal pe nahi chodne wala hu so forget it. And abt the room, I told you I’ll pay. Actually I’ll get a whole luxury suite made for her in this hospital. You see the room is very small and the bed is defo very uncomfortable and not to mention the bathrooms. He said in a snobbish way making Riddhima look at him stunned. (I am not going to leave Kushi on her own)
What was this guy? She thought as she saw a smirk on his face.
You can leave and come back when you are ready with the changes I just made saying he dismissed her and lay down not even bothering she was in here
Shaking her head Riddhima left the room.
Arnav smiled mentally seeing her defeated face.