Part 18

The phone call (continue after the last part) dint take long and Arnav came back inside the room. Night had already set in and the doctors had gotten over with their regular rounds of checkups. Kushi was in her usual chirpy mood with lots of useless questions which Arnav never heard or even if he did hear, he just chose to ignore. But still he dint know what was it in her that had made him spend his time with her.
Arnav ji??? She called him.
Hmmm he hummed not paying attention. He thought it was again one of her mindless questions
Humme dard ho raha hai.. she moaned rubbing her stomach
Hummm.. he again hummed
Arnav ji. She moaned as she started rubbing her stomach furiously. This snapped his attention towards her. He first glared at her for disturbing him but then concern took over him
Kushi kya hua??(Kushi what happened)
Arnav ji, mujhe dard… jalan… aaahhh she cried as she started rubbing her arms and cried (Arnav ji.. I’m having pain.. Burning…)
He dint know what to do. Kushi pls pani pilo. He took the glass and gave it to her but in all her shaking she dropped the glass and water split on her clothes (Kushi pls drink water)
AAAHHh jal raha hai. she screamed as she tore her kurta and threw it away. Arnav dint know what was happening. She was sitting there only in her b** and her salwars pants. How would he call someone now? (its burning..)
Kuch karo na… she cried as she hugged her stomach and cried in pain. Mujhe wo wali dava dedo na… she cried (do something) (I need that medicine)
Arnav understood she was having her withdrawal symptoms. But he dint know how to control it. Kushi was rubbing her hands and arms furiously again. She was so hard on herself that her skin was turning red.
Kushi chodo. Stop I say. Dheko you are hurting yourself he cried seeing her doing this to herself. (Kushi leave it. Stop I say. See. You are hurting yourself)
Arnav ji… Mujhse nahi hota… Me vada karti hu.. ek bar, ek bar mujhe dedo me phir se nahi manghungi she cried. (Arnav ji.. I cannot take it anymore.. I promise you.. once, only once give it to me I wont ask you from now on.)
Arnav thought he would go and get help but by now Kushi had removed her pant and was in her undergarment only. He dint want others to see her like this.
Kushi pls ruko. Me kisi ko lata hun. Tum acchi ladki ho na. Ye lo saying he covered her with the spread. Isse math utarna. Me abhi ata hun. Kushi held the spread and nodded her head.(Kushi pls stop. I’ll go and get someone. You are a good girl no? Take this) (don’t remove this. I’ll just be back) She understood that he was going to get the medicine from someone. So she had to wait. Arnav locked the door and called for the doctor. The doctor arrived and advised Arnav to be outside. He told Arnav that this was common. It would happen to all the patients. Arnav felt miserable. He stood outside the door. After sometime he heard Kushi knocking the door.
Arnav ji. She cried darvaza kolo na she cried (Open the door)
She kept on banging the door.
Aap ho kya??? She called him banging on the door (you are there?)
Aapne wada kiya tha.. she cried… (you promised me)
Arnav stood outside. He felt so bad. He dint know what to do. After Half hour, he couldn’t take it anymore. He opened the door and locked it. There Kushi stood fully naked with nail marks on herself. She had scratched her body and it was bleeding. Her hair was dishevel and she looked like she was run over by a truck. Her lips was bleeding as she had bitten it. Kushi he whispered as he tried to hold her
Kahan hai… she yelled.. wo dava.. hume chahiye.. abhi chahiye she screamed…(Where is it?) (that medicine.. I need it.. now…)
Dheko.. mujhe dardh ho raha ha she said in a soft voice pointing towards her stomach. Yahan bhi she said showing her neck aur yahan bhi showing her head. (see… I’m having pain.. here.. and here..)
Ap laye ho na. wo davayi.. she asked him looking at him expectedly (you have got that medicine no)
Arnav dint know what to do. Dijiye na. she asked coming closer. (give it to me no)
Dekho Kushi, (see Kushi)
Kahan hai she cried as she launched herself on him and started moving her hands on him.(Where is it) She searched his pockets and other areas and while doing this unknowingly scratched him. Arnav dint even try to stop her. He was lost. He remembered her doing the same thing that night they first met. He also remembered what he dint to her. Guilt and remorse stung his heart. He had thought she was forcing him. He had behaved so brutally with her. He saw her lost in her own world. She was still searching for something which was not there.
Kahan hai wo.. she screamed in frustration as she held onto his shirt and pulled it. (where is it)
Mujhe do. Kamine.. she cursed him.. and pushed him.. do.. kaha chupaya hai.. she shouted slapping him.. She then pushed him again.. do na… she cried desperately… (give it to me greedy man (google meaning of Kaminey) give me.. where have you hid it??)
Han…mujhe pata hai… han.. She then stood erect as though remembering something. She wiped her face. Uske thara mujhe cho lo. She offered. (yes.. I know.. yes..) (like him.. touch me)
Arnav looked confused?? Kiske tara Kushi (like whom?)
Uske tara.. yahan saying she took his hand and placed it on her b****t… Arnav was shocked…and removed his hand. (like him.. here)
Kiske tara Kushi… kiske tara … he shouted at her shaking her. (like whom Kushi… like whom??)
Me kahunge to aap doge??? (if I tell you will you give me??)
Kushi pls…
Kahan hai wo dava… she cried hysterically. She shook him so violently that the shirt tore open and Kushi fell on the floor. Arnav bent down and gather the crumbled Kushi into his hands. She was sobbing badly. She couldn’t take the pain anymore. (Where is the medicine)
Arnav ji. Bohot dard ho raha ahi. Kuch karo na. hume mar do… Hume mar do. Hume humare ma bauji ke pas jane do. She wept.(Arnav ji.. I’m in too much pain. Pls do something. Pls kill me. Kill me. I want to go to my father.) Arnav hugged the crying girl close to himself not knowing what to do. He then thought of something. He carried her to the bathroom and opened the shower. And stood under it with her. Kushi cried more. She dint understand anything. She was in pain, so much of pain. Arnav gently caressed her hair and then her nail marks removing the blood from them. He did the same throughout her body. His heart was fill with guilt and remorse and also anger. He had understood one thing. Someone had force Kushi into all this. Someone had given Kushi tablets and has forced her into prostitution and he was going to find out. He felt sorry for this girl. He had no one to help him in the past, but he was there for Kushi and was going to help her out. He vowed that he was going to find that man and was going to punish him for the sin he has committed.
After cleaning her up, he picked her and bought her out. He dried her and placed her on the bed. By this time, Kushi was tired of crying and struggling. She was now whimpering softly. He tied a robe around her and kissed her forehead.
Arnav ji she whispered.
Ssshh Kushi so jao he cooed as he gently rocked her hoping she would sleep. (SSshhh Kushi sleep)
Arnav waited for her to sleep. He couldn’t sleep at all… he remembered what happened to him in the past.. how he was forced to do things by Kamya. But thinking abt it, he was never forced. He did it out of curiosity. But here Kushi was forced to do it. Who was it?? He wondered. Was it her family? So was it someone close. He dint know. His thoughts again when back to the time he was in Sheesh Mahal. Kamya had destroyed his life. He dint know he could feel all this again. Apart from his Titli, he couldn’t feel sympathy or any kind of emotion for anyone. But it was really surprising that this girl was able to evoke such emotions for her. Titli.. he whispered. Guilt stabbed his heart as he recollected what he had done to her…
After the accident or to say the incident where Kamya had pushed her down the stairs, Arnav had decided never to see Titli again. So one day when she had come to visit him, he had shouted at her and told her never to come to his house. He had refused to see her also. But who could stop his Titli. She had sneaked into his room one afternoon. No one in the house had seen her. Arnav as usual had come into his room and locked it. He sat down to finish his studies as he knew that he wouldn’t be able to finish it in the evening as Kamya was having some guests. He smiled bitterly when he thought of the guests that were going to arrive. When he opened the cupboard, he was surprised to see Titli sitting there closing her eyes
Titli??? Tum yahan kya kar rahe ho??? He asked in a stern voice (What are you doing here?)
Wo aap hume dekh nahi sakte she said with a cute pout. (you cannot see me)
Han… humne ankhe bandh ki hai tho aap hume dekh nahi sakhte she said again. (I have my eyes shut so you cannot see me)
Titli bahar ao… He said stepping aside. He was getting scared. What if Kamya comes to know.. tum bahar jao pls Titli (titli go out…) (you go out pls titli)
Nahi… hum nahi jayenge.. she stomped her foot.. Crossing her arms.. before he could say something, there was a knock on his door (no I wont go..)
Titli under jao… kuch bhi ho, bahar math ana. saying he pushed her into the cupboard and locked it…(Titli go inside. Whatever happens don’t come out)
He opened the door and in came Kamya with a s**tty smile. Following her were her guests’. There were 2 woman of late 30s
What took you so long boy asked Kamya as she surveyed the room
I was doing my homework as I thought your guests will be coming in the evening.
Oh! I don’t understand why you need to study when you already are so good in your job said one lady and then giggled
Shut it Gazal. You are such a s**t giggled the other woman as she eyed Arnav.
Oh Roma, this is Arnav, he is your toy for today. She said winking at her. Don’t break him k.
Come on dear if he is half as good as Gazal says then you know she licked her lips as she stepped forward
Strip boy she ordered Arnav and Arnav did as he knew that if he dint he would be wiped till he bled.
Take this saying Kamya gave him a pill which Arnav took without a question.
Have fun ladies saying she left the room. For the next 2 hours the two women did disgusting things to the young boy but the whole time Arnav’s thoughts and prayers were only that his Titli should not come out. He dint want her to be exposed. After the women were done, they left. He quickly got dressed he opened the cupboard to find Titli sleeping.
Titli.. Titli he gently shook her
Oh Rajaji.. aap teek ho?? She questioned immediately. (Are you alright?)
Que? Kya hua hai mujhe..??? (Why? What happened to me?)
Humne dekha… wo log.. aapke sath she said showing the key hole…(I saw.. those people were doing…) that is when Arnav understood that the small girl has seen his humiliation. She has seen what he dint want her to see. He felt ashamed. Taking a deep breath he spoke
Titli Dekho tum aaj ke badh yahan nahi aoge.. he warned her in a voice that scared the small girl (titli see, from today onwards, you will not come here)
Par kyu (but why?)
Kyu ki me tume pasand nahi karta.. samj me aya.. me tumse nafrath karta hu teek hai he told her glaring at her. (cos I don’t like you understand. I hate you. Got it)
Nahi.. hum nahi manthe.. she spoke shaking her head as tears welled her eyes. ( I don’t believe you..)
Yeh sach hai.. mano ya na mano ab tum bahar jao. Aur apna muh math dhikana… he shouted and pushed her. But his heart was breaking. He dint mind her hating him. But he could handle it if Kamya did anything to his Titli…he saw his Titli cry and run from his room. (this is the truth. You trust me or not. Don’t show your face from now on) He stood near his window and saw her run from the Mahal into her house. Not once did she turn around and look at him. That was probably the last time he saw her so close.
Arnav was bought out of his thoughts by Kushi’s soft moans. He began rocking her again to get her to sleep.
This was really strange. He was getting attached to another girl apart from his Titli. May be the Gods have finally decided to forgive him for his sins. He thought as he closed his eyes.