Part 17

Geet walked as fast as she could towards Maan’s room. She cursed herself for forgetting her duties. Clutching the file closer to herself she moved faster towards the door. She knocked the door once. But there was no reply then once again. She then tried it again but again there was no reply so she just opened it and entered the cabin. But what she saw there made her freeze. Maan had some girl saddled on his lap and was kissing her. The mere sight made her nauseous. She could feel her heart break all over again. She dint know when an audible gasp left her mouth.
Mrs. Jha? Called Maan with a smirk. His voice was filled with tease and amusement. His eyes flashed with mockery. Anjali/Geet felt a stabbing pain in her heart when she realized that he was mocking her emotions, her feeling which still existed.
Natty leave he told the girl as she got down from his lap. She adjusted her clothes and left the room not even looking at Geet/Anjali. She just ran away from that room. She was too embarrassed to face anyone now.
So Mrs. Jha Maan called in that taunting voice of his. When were you planning to come in? Do you plan to let others do your work forever?
Wo sir.. I wo
What happened Mrs Jha? Is there a problem? He asked innocently. He knew she was affected by this display and seeing her like this gave him immense pleasure. So he decided to play more with her
Wo.. she stammered
You seemed tensed
Do you want something he asked coming closer
Do you what something? He again asked, standing very close to her
Tell me… he whispered sending shivers down her spine. He gently traced his index finger on her ear lobe and whispered tell me… do you want this…
He blew air gently and huskily whispered or this… Geet/Anjali was getting lost in this sensation. It had been so long since she had felt his touch. This felt so real but her mind was screaming at her to push him and run. But her heart was in control. All it wanted to do was to hug him and cry. Cry all these years of loneliness, these years of pain. She shivered with pleasure as she felt his cool finders and warm breath. But suddenly all this stopped. She looked up confused but then only did realization dawn upon her. This was not Maan. It was not her Maan. This was the beast MSK. She could see it in his eyes. That triumph of crumbling her in his eyes. The triumph of getting her lost by a mere touch in his eyes… The hate, the mockery of her feeling of her existence in his eyes
Maan was lost. After all these years and even after sharing bed with the most beautiful women in the world, this one woman was capable of making him lose his senses. All she had to do was stand in front of him and he felt himself transform into a hormonal teenager. But it was not his fault. Those innocent eyes were just so treacherous that it could trap even the best of players. He was nothing in comparison to them. He had wanted to show her what he was capable but intern he was drowning in it himself. By the time he collected himself, he saw her looking up and those emotions in them bowled him over. She should get an award for acting. This lady could massacre 1000 of people but still look like a baby. The hatred he felt resurfaced. If you wanted this, he said with a knowing smirk all you have to do is ask Mrs. Jha… he told her as he moved his hand to touch her cheek.
Anjali flinched at the open display of animosity through his eyes. This man was not her Maan. This man was MSK. But how will she explain this to her heart. Her heart felt like someone had ripped it open. The pain that she felt made her want to run screaming and shouting. The pain was so large that it was threating to break the dam of tears that she had held for the past years. NO she reminded herself. She would never give this man the pleasure of seeing her in tears. He had destroyed her life. And now he wants to see her break again. She would never do it. This monster will never see her cry. That Geet was dead. Here, today was Anjali. A much stronger woman and she would not break down before him. Geet/Anjali pushed his hand aside and moved away from him.
Mr. Kurrana. She spate his name like some bitter seed stuck on her tongue. First, I’m sorry for today. I’ll make sure I do my duties properly. If you have any problems in that regard I shall rectify it. Secondly, and most importantly, pls refrain yourself from stepping into my personal space and touching me. I do not appreciate it. I have a loving husband and a child. I do not seek external entertainment and I am satisfied in my married life. She said looking into his eyes. If you ever do this again. I know my rights very well Mr. Kurrana and I am also the member of the company’s union so pls don’t mess with me. She looked challengingly at him.
If I have no purpose here. I will be leaving saying she left the room with her head held high.
But as soon as the door closed behind her, her knees buckled and she was about to fall. A soft hand held her shoulders to hold her still. She looked up to see Natty hold her up..
Are you alright ma’am? She asked concerned
Yes Geet/Anjali answered in a cold manner. She had an instant dislikes towards this girl. Listening to her tone, Natty flushed in embarrassment. She understood why Geet/Anjali was behaving like this to her she smiled weakly and left.

Maan stood staring at the place in which Geet/Anjali had stood before. He was shocked at her outburst but remembered each and every word she had spoken. She had simply told him to back off or she would complain against him under sexual harassment and the union will have to back her up. He unknowingly smiled. His little Geet has grown into a strong woman. The girl he had known was not like this. He looked out of the window remembering the first day he had met he in college

It was the first day and all the seniors were waiting for the freshmen to arrive. Maan and his group were not into these ragging stuff. They simply sat down near the am phi theater and were talking when Maan attention was disturbed by a giggling sound. He turned to see a girl giggling with her friend.
Hey you he called out. He dint know why he did so
Ji mme? She gulped down looking tensed
Yes you. Come here he motioned her to stand opposite to him
What’s your name he asked her as he waved his hand telling her friend to go away from here.
Geetanjali she said with a slight shiver in her voice as she looked longingly at her friend who was walking away from her
He dint like her looking at the girl. How dare she look at some one when he was here?
Say sorry to me he ordered her
Sorry sir She immediately said
Maan was surprised as she dint even ask why he was asking her to say so
Kyu kaha sorry?
Wo.. apne khne ko kaha tho… she dragged
Tho whatever I say you’ll do?
She nodded her eyes.
She was getting scared and her eyes were already getting wet
If I ask you to cry? he teased her but when he looked at her she had tears in her eyes
Hey why are you crying?
Aapne tho kaha na… she sniffed
Look Geet..
Ya ya Geetanjali I don’t want you to cry ok..
She nodded her head like a kid as she wiped her tears off
Ok go to class… and she rush off. Maan was very confused on his behavior. He had felt really guilty of making her cry
Maan came out from his thoughts. That was not the girl he saw today. This girl was different. This was not his Geet anyway. His Geet died that day when she decided to betray him. She died when she thought of another man in his place. He closed his eyes when her voice rang in his ears I have a loving husband and a child. I am satisfied in my married life. These two sentences echoed in his mind. He shook his head to get rid of them but they dint seemed to disappear. ENOUGH! He yelled into the empty room. Tumhe insabh ke gamad hai na Geet? Tho challo we’ll see till how long you’ll have all this with you. (You are proud of all these things no Geet then lets see) He spoke to no one specific. Yeh MSK ka wadha raha Mrs Jha when I am through with you tumare pas yeh sab nahi rahe ga. Yadhi tumare pas kuch rahega to wo sirf tanhai, akela pan aur dard rahega sirf aur sirf dard he said with a sadistic smile. (This is MSK’s promise when I’m done with you, you wont have any of this. if you have anything, that will be only loneliness, being alone and pain only pain)
Ayush ji screamed Payal as she rushed inside his apartment, startling the man who was trying to drink his evening tea, in turn making it spill on his shirt.
Hey Devi Maiyya sorry sorry she murmured as she tried to wipe it off with her kerchief
Arrey chodiye na Payal ji…He said trying to move out of her way. (Oh leave it no Payal ji). Pls kya bath hai. Sab teek hai na. Kushi ji teek hai na… kuch hua hai kya unhe? He asked her thinking of the worst. His eyes full of worry and concern (Pls what is the matter? Is everything alright, Kushi ji is alright no has something happened to her?)
Payal stopped everything. Ayush ji. Ek bath sacchi batayiyega, aap Kushi se pyar karthe hai kya? She asked him.(Ayush ji tell me something truthfully do you love Kushi) She could see it in his eyes.
Wo Payal ji. He stammered looking away from her face
Please Ayush ji batayiye na she pleaded (Pls Ayush ji tell me no?)
Ji. Hamesha se. par ab kya faida in batho ka. Unki tho he said moving away. he dint even want to say that word (yes from the beginning but now there is no use. She is)
Kya aap ab bhi use apnayenge? (will you accept her now also?)
Payal ji, yadhi Kushi ji mujhe apnayenge tho me duniya ka sabse khushnaseeb adme hunga. He replied with a warm smile. (Payal ji if Kushi ji accepts me, I’l be the most luckiest man alive.)
Payal was very happy. She prayed that her Goddess help her get Kushi soon and she get her sister married to this good man so that she can see her chotti happy ever after.
Accha Payal ji, aap ese kyu ayi? (ok Payal ji why did you come like this?)
Hai… wo mujhe na naukri mil gayi hai. Saying she gave the appointment letter to him. (yes, I have got the job)
Arrey wah you will be secretary to Akash Sir?? Yeh bohot acchi bath hai. Hume darr tha kahi aap ko Arnav Sir ki secretary na bana de. Ayush told Payal.(that is good)(this id good. I was scared you’ll be appointed Arnav’s Sir’s secretary instead)
On hearing Akash’s name,Payal remembered a pair of warm brown eyes looking intentionally at her. She smiled
Kya bath hai Payal ji?? (What happened?)
Kuch nai.. Aap ese kyu kah rahe ho?(nohing, why are you telling like tat?)
Arrey Arnav Sir insan nahi shethan hai. Insaniyath name ki bhi nahi hai unme. Kadoos aur batamiz kisam ke admi hai wo. Office me kahte hai ki unke jijaji aur behen ke alawa kisi aur ke bat bilkul nahi mante. (oh Arnav sir is not human he is the Devil. He has no humanity in him. He is short tempered and ill-mannered also. The office mate told me that he doesn listen to anyone except his sister and brother in law)
Kitne ajeeb kisim ke admi hai yeh. Anyway.. hume kya. Hume tho Kushi ko dundna hai aur office me kam karna hai. Accha nikal they hai shubrathri Ayush ji saying she left the place, still her mind was lingering in the memory of a pair of warm brown eyes…(he is such a weird man. Anyway what is it for us.. we need to search for Kushi and also word properly in our office. Ok now I need to leave. Good night Ayush Ji)

Madhu sat in that small place. She had cleaned it properly. But still couldn’t take the smell. She was trying to access the situation she was in. She knew this was a mistake but dint know how to get out of it. The sound of metal scraping metal got her to turn around.
Tho budiya. Chall bahar nikal boss tumse milana chahte hai (ok old woman come out, boss wants to meet you)
She got up with shaking legs. Yeh boss kya chahta hai mujhse she thought as she followed the guy. (what does this boss want wit me?)
Boss hum wo aurath ko laya hai saying he shoved Madhu into the room.(bos I have bought that woman) The boss smirked at her. Old lady come come. He said coming towards her. You cleaning toilets, cooking for boys ok. He said and smiled. Madhu cringed at the sight of his decayed front teeth. There was no way she was going to stay here.
Nahi. Hum nahi rahenge. She cried. Ap log insan nahi janwar ho. She howled.(no I wont do it) (you people aren’t men you all are animals) The smile vanished from the man’s face and a look of malice flashed through his face
I not ask you budiya. I tell you do. I being soft core you doing rakhra, so I becoming hard core saying he slapped her right across her face. Madhu fell down on the ground. For few minutes she couldn’t feel her face at all. But then she felt the maddening pain and burning sensation on her cheek.
Lisen… you lazy budia… you working for life here. Cooking cleaning. Here, talk too much I slap you like this. You get marks everywhere if you talk again. Ok. The boss told her as he walk past her. Madhu watch him pass by her in horror. She then looked at her reflection in the nearby metal drum. There was a neat cut on her cheek and the look of pure fear and horror in her eyes. Those eyes looked so familiar. That is when she recognized those eyes. Those eyes were the one she had seen the night she had gotten Kushi married to Shyam. Those were the eyes of Kushi.