Part 15:Hope

Arnav couldn’t sleep for a minute last night. All the time he was haunted by Pari’s voice that was calling him to come back. In the middle of the night, he even thought of running away to her. But he knew he cannot. Somehow, the death of his father had made him realize that he had to be independent and he knew that staying in Sheesh Mahal would never make him so. He felt Nani’s eyes on him. Arnav I want you to meet your brother and sister now. Nani said in a stern voice.
Ji Nani. He replied feeling nervous.
Manorama. Call the kids now. She ordered her daughter in law whom Arnav had already met when they came back.
Ji ma ji. Saying she left
After 5 minutes, 2 teenagers arrived.
Yeh Anjali hai she introduced the girl who looked like she was 16 or 17. She just looked at him for a second and then simply ignored him.
Anjali. Yeh tumara Bhai hai Arnav. She told her.
Nani I have only one brother and he she said pointing towards Arnav, is not my brother. Anjali said in a rude tone. She glared at Arnav for a minute before leaving the room.
Nani took a deep breath, trying to control her temper. Arnav use chodo. She will come later this is Akash she introduced the other boy who looked like he was 13 or 14. He smiled warmly at Arnav making him feel better. Arnav dint understand why Anjali was behaving like this. He felt sad to see her ignore him.
Tho kya Bhai mere sath soenge? Akash asked expectedly to his Dadi. (will bro sleep with me?)
No Akash. Arnav will sleep in his room. Monorama, take Arnav to the room next to Anjali. Use us room ko ready karne do. Saying the woman left. (let him set the room on his own)
Arnav followed his Mami to his room when he heard shouting coming from Anjali’s room.
Par Nani wo us aurath ka beta hai. And how can you..
Anjali. Are you so mean to punish someone else for other person’s crimes? Nani asked her.
Arnav beta come inside. Manorama’s voice called him. So he left. But Nani’s words to Anjali rang in his mind. Yes he was also punishing Pari was what her father did. Was he bad? Was he mean? He wondered as he entered the room which had a bed and a table.
Arnav beta. Tell me what you want in this room. Me le aungi she spoke cheerfully.
Teek hai Mami ji. Arnav replied shyly.
Good beta. If you want something call me. Saying She left him alone in the room.
Sashi couldn’t rest even for a minute. He knew that Kushi had not come to the house that night. He couldn’t stop his fatherly heart from blaming Arnav for this. He walked towards Arnav’s old house to see what his Pari was doing. He found the door opened and he entered to find Kushi cuddling a pillow and shivering. Worried he went closer and touched her forehead to find her boiling. She had high fever. He called the doctor and carried her to the house. All the time Kushi was calling and apologizing to her Guddu. This did not go well with Shashi. He mentally cursed Arnav for leaving his brave daughter so broken.
Bhai kya hua isse?? Dev asked as he came inside Kushi room. (brother what happed to her?)
Dev, she has fever. Mujhe kal hi use le ana tha from that house. Shashi said feeling very bad. He thought he was not a good father. (I should have bought her back from that house yesterday itself)
Bhai it is not your fault. Doc ne kya bola.
The doctor said that she is having viral fever. Rath bhar rone ke karan and that too in wet clothes had made her ill. Shashi said gently caressing her head.
Hmm, sab teek ho jayega. Dev said as he placed his hand on his brother’s shoulder. (all will be fine)
I hope Dev. Dill se chahta hu. Shashi said dejectedly. (I hope from my heart)
Kushi all the while felt she was floating in turbulent winds. Sometimes, she felt hot and sometimes cold. Her whole body ached with pain and she was feeling miserable. But even in this, all she wanted was to see and hear her Guddu. She hoped that he would be there when she woke up and all this would be a bad dream. She felt something cold and wet on her forehead. This made her feel better. But she couldn’t open her eyes. It was as though her eyes were zipped together. She felt them heavy like boulders. Forgetting everything, she wanted to slip into the memories she had with her friend. She wanted to live in those memories and never face the reality of losing him.
Kushi woke up after few hours. When she opened her eyes, she found her Dai ma sitting and placing wet cloth on her forehead.
Pari beta. How are you feeling? she asked with motherly concern. But Kushi was not in a position to acknowledge it. She slowly looked around and saw that she was back in her room. This angered her. How could they bring her here? She dint want to stay in this house anymore. She hated this place. She tried to get up, but her sick body revolted. Not caring for it, she got up and stood in her wobbling leg.
Pari beta. Pls lie down. Tum kaha ja rahe ho?? Dai ma cried. She couldn’t bear to see her in so much pain. (Where are you going?)
Guddu ke ghar she whispered but Dai ma could hear it. (to Guddu’s house)
Nahi beta. You have to lie down. You are not well. Dai ma tried to reason with her. But Kushi was stubborn. Just then the door opened and Kamya came in.
Leave the room she ordered Dai ma and the middle aged lady left the room
Pari beta what are you doing. Lie down. Ese nahi karthey. Kamya showed fake concern as she held the dizzy Kushi.
Nahi chachi. I’m going Kushi replied in a soft and feeble voice
Pari you can go. But first sit down and listen to me. Kamya said in a stern voice. She gently held her by her shoulders and made her sit on the bed
Beta, Guddu is not there. He has gone. You have to understand that. Use tumari koi parvah nahi thi beta that is why he left. (he dint care abt u beta)
Nahi chachi. i..
No Pari. You have to listen to this. tume samajh na hoga. We are not your enemies. If Guddu wanted he could have refused. But he just left. Wo tumara dil thodke chala gaya. And you are getting ill thinking of that ehsan faramosh. (you need to understand) (he left breaking your heart and you are getting ill thinking of that traitor?)
Kushi couldn’t take this anymore. Her little heart dint want to hear anyone mad mouthing him. But Kamya continued.
Dekho beta. He is gone face it. Tumare bauji bohot parishan hai. Why are you doing this? Moreover us ghar me kya rakha hai. Why do you want to stay in a house where he is not there? Guddu tho nahi hai us ghar me. Tho why are you going there?(Moreover what is there in this house?) (Guddu is not there in that house)
Acche se samaj lo. He is not coming back. Don’t destroy your life thinking of that boy. Uski aukath hi kya hai beta. Servant ka boy tho esa hi rahe ga. He was selfish and so he left. Tum use bhool jao. You have us. Tumare bauji is waiting for you. Your chacha and chachi love you. Tho use bhool jao beta. Kamya told her with concern (fake) (you need to understand this properly) (what is his status beta? Servant’s son will be like that only.) (you forget him)
Kushi was feeling hurt by her words. She knew what she was saying was true. She knew ki wo kabhi bhi Guddu se nahi mil payege. Her heart cried to see him once more. She wished she could have come early to get a better look at him. She wished they could have spent more time so that she wouldn’t feel so miserable. Tears of pain fell from her eyes as realization sunk in. She would never see him again. Never ever.
Bakhi tum badi ho. You know better saying Kamya left Kushi with her thoughts.
Kushi fell back on her bed. Kamya’s words were haunting her. She wanted this time to pass. She wanted this pain to fade but dint know what to do abt it. She wanted to hug and cry on someone. But dint know whom to go to. Aaj pehle bahr (today for the first time)Kushi was feeling the loss of her mother. It was only after Guddu leaving that she was feeling like this. Unknowingly Guddu had filled her void space making her feel wanted. Her heart knew ki Guddu would take care of everything. But now what will she do? She was alone and the person who she thought was her friend also left her.
Tho you are going to give up? A figure resembling Kushi wearing a black dress sat beside the bed
Aur nahi tho kya? What do you expect her to do? another figure looking like her dressed in white sat on the other side
To fight. To do anything to win. Said the black figure
No. Guddu left us. Tho why shd we fight for him?
Guddu is ours. We are his mistresses why shdnt we fight? Said the black figure
Kushi was getting interested in their conversation
Par usne hume mana kiya. Chod ke chala gaya. He said we are not his friend. Don’t you remember? (he refused us. He left us)
I remember. But there are other ways to get him back said the black figure with a smirk.
Nahi. Joot bolna is bad moreover if bauji and others find out, things will be bad. (no. telling lies is bad)
Tho hum yaha se challe jayenge. Said the black figure crossing her arms. (then we will leave from this place)
Kaha? The white figure looked confused. (Where?)
To hostel. Lavanya is going there this year. Kushi suddenly spoke up. She liked what the black figure was saying
No no. bauji ke bare me socho. He will be alone. Said the white figure looking at her in horror. (no no. think abt bauji)
No he won’t be. Chacha and chachi are here. Moreover he lied to us. Unhe punishment milna chahiye said the black figure glaring at the white one. (he needs to get punishment)
No par. I know mujhe kya karna hai. Said Kushi suddenly getting energy in her body. She could feel her previous self-arising slowly inside her. She knew if she wanted something she would get it. And here she wanted to go to hostel and waha se she would become Guddu’s friend if he wants it or not. She thought stubbornly
Nahi Pari. Tum nahi jaogi. Said Shashi furiously shaking his head. (no pari you wont go)
Ok bauji. Aapki marzi. If you don’t let me. Me khana nahi khaungi and I’ll not stay in this house. I’ll go and stay in Guddu’s old house. Sochlijiye saying she marched out of the study leaving a very hurt and defeated Shashi behind. (ok father. Your wish. If you don’t let me. I wont eat food and will not stay in this house. I ll stay in Guddu’s old house. Think abt it)
Kamya if Pari goes, all our plans will backfire. Moreover what will we tell Suresh? Spoke a very disturbed Dev as they walked back to their room.
I know. But as of now only Bhai can decide this. Aur lagta hai ki he has decided. Kamya said frustrated. All their plan will go off if Pari left the house.
Can’t we try to talk to Bhai abt this.?
Are you mad? Kya kaho ge? If he hears us say something negative abt his Pari he will throw us out of the house. Nahi nahi. Just wait we have no other options. Said Kamya.
Pari beta? Shashi called her as he entered her room.
Ji bauji? Kushi looked up. She looked weaker that how she did in the morning.
You can go. But you have to be with Lavanya only. I don’t want you to be alone. Beta and promise me ki tum apna khayal rakhogi (beta promise me that you’ll take care of your self) Shashi hugged Kushi but she dint reciprocate. She was still angry with her dad for letting Guddu go like this.
Beta can’t you forgive this old man. Mera tho is duniya me tumare siva koyi nahi hai. (apart from you I don’t have anyone in this world) He told her as tears welled his eyes.
Mene tume nahi kaha kyo ki I thought you’ll be broken.(I dint tell you as I thought you’d be broken) But such yahi hai ki I couldn’t stop him from going. Wo uski Nani thi and they are his guardians. Shashi tried to explain.
Pls bauji. I just need time. Aap admission ka arrangements karen. Bye (you make arrangements for my admission) saying she turned the other side indicating the end of the conversation.
Shashi signed. He understood that his daughter was a teenager now and things would get difficult. But he dint know ki itna difficult rahega. He got up and left the room
Kushi immediately called Lavanya.
Lavanya do you have Guddu’s email id? She asked
Yes yaar. Usne dia tha. (yes he had given me)
Good give it to me. Aur tumara id uske pass hai kya? (does he have your id?)
Han hai but I don’t use it anymore. Uske pass meri old id hai. Lavanya told her after thinking for a sec(yes he has but I don’t use that id anymore. He has my old id)
Good. What is the password of that id? Pls mujhe do. Me use id ko use karungi. Kushi spoke in desperation. (pls give it to me. I’ll use that id)
Arrey no prob. Saying she gave the password.
But yadh rahe if He asks you, you tell him ki tum he mail bejhti ho use. (but remember that if he asks you, you tell him that you only send him the mails) Kushi told her. This was her plan. She would talk to Guddu without him knowing ki wo uski Pari hai. Kushi felt happy for her plan.