Part 15

Di??? Arnav called Anjali.. as he saw her hands move�.
Chotey� she whispered as she fluttered her eye lids to open them properly��
Di.. why did you do this??? You know I have no one apart from you.. how could you not take care of yourself and jeopardize your life???? he asked� his vulnerable state not hidden from her eyes�.
I cannot do this any more chote.. she cried.. I cannot do this� this feeling of being rejected.. this feeling of being unwanted.. this feeling of being just a tool.. it is so painful she said as she closed her eyes.. letting the tears fall off�
I tried all these years� for you, for mami� for Sakshi.. but now.. I just cannot� she cried breaking�
It feels miserable.. why does this happen only to me chote??? Am I so bad??? Why do my own people disown me??? Pehele it was my parents� he dint want me.. he told amma to kill me as I was a female child� but amma.. gave me to her brother.. saved my life� what kind of a cursed life I have got chotey� can you believe it.. my own father.. he wanted to kill me.. what a fate I have got�
When I came to know my mother.. when I wanted to love her and get her love, she died.. I knew abt her only for 6 months chotey� but she died� leaving me.. broken..
Why does everyone I love leave me??? Why??? She cried.. holding his hand.. Arnav stood numb.. he always knew abt this.. till he was 14 he never knew he had a sister.. one day, his mother called him to his titli’s house and introduced him to his sister� at first he had felt strange.. but later, especially after his mother’s death, he had found a new mother in Anjali�they had both talked to each other through mails and through calls.. They would even meet in titli’s house.. but all stopped when he was 16� the anger that he felt for Kamya.. the disgust he felt upon himself.. had made him push the two most important people away from him� but after that horrible night, Anjali had taken care of him.. She had helped him, nursed him and had made him the man he was today�he looked at Anjali as she cried her heart out, clutching him�.
After her break down, Anjali slept again.. and Arnav� he was tensed.. he dint know what was the reason for his sister to be like this� did his Di and jiju have a fight?? Did his jiju hurt Di?? He thought, but brushed it off as he knew how much his jiju loved his sister� then what was the reason� he dint know
He came out of the room� and then realized it was the same hospital that the girl was staying in.. He walked towards her room�. Just a peep for humanity.. he told himself�. Then he would call Pritvi�. Thinking he opened to door to her room, and what he saw made him burn� he dint know he was burning.. but he felt like killing someone�
He called Pritvi out and left the place.. He stood in the lawn.. thinking what he wanted to say to his security head�

Hey bhai�. Pritvi spoke into the phone.. he had just got a call from his brother Pratap.. His brother was also working as a security head for the Kurranas�. But his brother was mostly busy, as he travelled with his very strict boss� he was really happy to hear his brother after so long�
How are you??? Guess what� Pratap said� as he smiled hearing the cheerful voice of his brother�
Don’t tell me.. you are here right??? Pritivi.. said.. practically shouting.. his excitement..
Yap.. just came in here.. tho.. can we meet.. you are at home???
Nope bhai.. in city hospital� Pritvi said a bit dejected�
Kya?? City hospital??? God.. I’m just there.. wait.. where are you?? He asked..
I’m just heading out.. Pritvi said.. but then he stopped.. he was thinking.. Bhai.. can you come to room no. 201???
Why?? Kya bath hai�
Wo.. I have found choti� Pritvi said.. his voice turning emotional suddenly..
Pritvi.. Choti is no more.. pls bro.. kab tak tu uska intezaar karega� we burnt her pyre together.. remember� Pratap.. said.. he dint know how to get his brother out of this� their sister was dead a year ago.. but his bro never let go of her memory�.
I remember.. but I could never forgive my self� I was not there to protect her bhai.. when she tied rakhi.. I promised her to take care of her� but I dint� and what happened.. I lost her for every� he cried..
Pritvi it was not only you.. it was me also�
I feel very guilty.. We were not there with her when she got married�. And that SOB killed her� I just cannot forgive myself� he cried�.
Me too my brother.. Pratap said in a sad voice�. ok now tell me.. where did you meet a new choti?? He asked trying to diveret his brother..
Wo bhai.. just come here� take care of her for tonight.. then I will tell you everything.. Pritivi said..
Ok� saying Pratap cut the call, as he asked directions to the room�.

Hello??? Called a female voice.
Han.. tell me.. itne sal badh humari yadh kese ayi� asked Shyam as he smirked�.(how come you remembered me after these many years?)
Ok ok.. just tell me why the sudden call�..
What??? Nahi nahi.. yeh nahi ho sakta� he shouted�.(no no this is not possible)

After what we did to separate them.. how can this happen�..??
Oh�. So the fire of betrayal burns in his heart also�Good.. he smirked..
Don’t worry�. I’m gonna fan it more.. so much that this hatred will destroy the left over strands of their relationship also.. he said as he laughed evilly.. he was joined by the other voice�in the phone

Pritvi.. I want you to be with Di from now on� drive her where ever she wants� but also you need to keep me informed of her whereabouts.. Arnav said� he needed this to be done� he knew something or someone had done something to his di.. he remembered how she broke down.. this will not happen again.. he had decided�
Ji sir�.
And one more thing� I want you to book her to the rehab in this hospital itself�
For kushi??? Pritvi asked�
So you guys are in name calling terms now I see.. he spoke as sarcasm dripped in his voice�. or was it jealousy� he now only came to know her name was Kushi�
Wo.. actually sir.. she�
I don’t want to know anything else� he spate� I’ll be staying here for the night� if you want you can go home�
No sir� I have someone waiting.. saying Pritvi left to meet his brother and choti
Arnav felt a burning sensation in his heart� he dint know why but he hated this.. he knew that Pritvi was gonna meet her.. and this mere thought was enough to bring out the monster.. he dint know why this bothered him so much.. why couldn’t he just push her off� why he was taking care of her even though he hated her� he had no idea.. but he just couldn’t see that pale face of hers� he remembered her voice and face when he had seen her first time in Lucknow� shaking his head, he left the garden to be with his sister.. the only bond that bound him in this world�.

Sazza aur wo bhi hume� clucked Madhu as she sat in the railway station� she was going back to her village� she had a life and was going to live it now� she placed her bag down� and sat there� there were lot of people sitting there� she sat down for nearly 4 hours� the train was due in another 2 hours.. it was already 11 in the night� the station was getting quiet but where she was sitting was surrounded by at least 15 people.. all women of different ages� at that time, few ladies came and started offering juice for these women.. Madhu too was feeling thirsty� and one lady offered her a cup.. she accepted it happily.. and drunk it without a thought� after sometime� she felt dizzy and then fainted�

Hum a chukey hai Kushi� Payal thought as she got down the train�determination oozing through her�(I have come Kushi)
Payal ji.. yelled a voice and she turned around to see Ayush calling her� she smiled� he was a true friend.. how good it would have been if Kushi had married him.. she thought as he came closer�
Aapke safar teek tak raha�? he asked her as he took her bags from her hand�(was your travel fine?)
Ji.. bilkul� me uta longi.. she said as she tried to take atleast one bag from him.. but he pulled it refusing..(yes,., I’ll carry them)
Humara rahte aap kese utaenge..??? he said shaking his head.. challiye� he picked up the last back and lead her out� (when I’m here why will you??)
Payal looked here and there in awe� this place was full of people.. busy, minding their own business� and in this place.. her Kushi.. her baby sister was lost� a tear fell from her eyes at this thought.. she dint know where Kushi was, how she was� but she would find her� and for that Shyam.. she would defo get him punished� she had already punished her buaji and amma� left them when they needed her support, threw them out of their house, like they did with Kushi� and left them to fend for themselves� she knew she was heartless.. but for her.. she was correct� and irrespective of what people say, she was not going to change her mind�. Taking a deep breath, Payal got out of the car which was arranged�
Yeh ek girls hostel hai Payal ji.. Ayush explained.. looking a bit embarrassed�(this is a girls hostel Payal ji)
Wo kya hai na.. hum akele rahte hai.. tho aap mere sath rahe.. yeh teek nahi hoga� isliye� he told her�(I stay alone.. you staying with me would not be correct.. that is why)
Shukriya Ayush ji�. Aap humare liye itna kuch kar rahe ho�(thank you Ayush ji.. you are doing so much for me)
Pls Payal ji� humse ese bath karke, paraya na kare� accha� aap.. abhi undhar chaliye� kal milthey hai.. interview 9 bajhe hai.. saying he smiled and left the place�(pls don’t talk like this and make me a stranger� ok.. now go in� the interview it at 9 tomorrow�we will meet tomo)
Payal took her bags.. and entered the new place which would be her home for the time being..

It was nearly 5 when Anjali got up.. Chotey� she called Arnav as she saw him sleeping uncomfortably�
di� aap teek ho??? Apko kutch chahiye??? Arnav asked all worried�(di.. are u ok� do you need anything?)
nahi Arnav.. I just want to leave this place� please take me from here� she said getting up..
no di.. you are not yet fine.. you need�but he was stopped..
I want to go home.. Anjali said� in a really cold voice.. her face was emotionless and her eyes were cold� and blank
Ok di.. we will leave� saying he held her hand.. but Anjali got up on her own accord.. Something had changed in her� she had become hard� or she felt so.. she needed to be strong� for her brother, for her family.. Maan.. this name and the person behind it had turned her life topsy turvy� and now he is back after 7 years.. and this time she will not let him do anything to her life.. she would work.. and would work under him.. she would show him that she wasn’t weak and for that she needed to go to office today� making her decision.. She left the hospital�
Rani saibha.. where were you??? Shyam asked as he held her by her waist� in front of the family�
Wo.. she stammered as she tried to get away from his hold..
Jiju.. di fainted and was in the hospital�. Arnav told him� his eyes glued to his di�
Kya??? Why dint you call me??? I was so worried�
Sorry jiju.. I was so worried and into her and I forgot abt everything else� Arnav explained feeling a bit guilty..
Ok.. and Anju.. what is this�??? You dint take your medicines�dint you??? How many time have I told you not to be careless of your health.. my daughter and I are dependent on you.. or did you forget your family�?? Shyam asked acting all worried�.
Arrey damad ji.. Chodiye na� Mami said coming closer.. Anjali bitiya.. come inside� and take rest�. I’ll get you something to eat
Mami.. wo.. get me my breakfast.. I’m going to work.. Anjali said..
What??? Both Arnav and shyam spoke together�
Yes.. and this is my decisions.. so pls keep out.. saying she left to her room� both the men gapped at her retreating back� Anjali had never spoken like this� Arnav was worried for his sister�
Shyam was worried as he knew that Anjali would be working with Maan.. He was scared for himself.. what if these two start talking.. what if they come to know abt what he did with them years ago�. F**k he swore silently.. he had to do something and that to fast�. Thinking, he left the house� planning his next step