Part 14

Hi guys now the next part�

Anjali moved out of the hotel as fast as her paining legs could take her� she had seen him after 7 years�. Even in that room she could see those eyes�.. but was it really him??? She wondered� was it really her Maan�. But then her mind clucked� her Maan never came back�.. That day, the man she had seen in the hotel room with Samira was Maan Singh Kurrana�. And today the man she saw was him only� it was not her Maan� the Maan whom she loved whole heartedly� the man whose eyes oozed nothing but love for her�. But this man� he was someone else�. A devil in a human’s clothing� his eyes showed nothing but rage and hatred� how can he be her Maan�.? She kept on thinking all this as she walked out of the hotel�. She dint know how long she had walked off� she dint know where she was going to�. All she did was walk� ignoring the pain that shot through her legs�.. the pain that she felt in her heart numbed all physical pain�. She walked on aimlessly�. Not knowing where to go.. all she wanted to do was get lost from there� she couldn’t see him like that�. she couldn’t see him in that monster’s avatar�. Will he ever come back..??? was the question she needed answer for�. Would he come to her as her Maan??? And above all what troubled her was� was she the same Geet that lived 7 years ago�. This thought made her stop walking�. She was neither Geet nor Anjali� she was lost somewhere between these two women�. Anjali was a sister� a daughter and a very happy girl�she was responsible but still bubbly��. Where as Geet was� that stupid 18 year old who was so excited abt a date with the college dude that she dint sleep for the whole week�.
That nave girl who thought someone as popular and sexy would want a geek like her�.
That innocent girl who believed that some guy who could get a girl like Samira would love her�.
Even today she dreamed of living with him�. Her face broke into a sad smile� that would never happen� he dint love her�. And after knowing she was handicapped he would not want her body also�. She thought as her mind moved to that fateful day in the hotel�.

Geet had come to know that Maan was back in Mumbai�. Giving Sakshi to Shyam� she quickly got hold of a cab and reached the hotel� she couldn’t thank Shyam for finding out abt Maan� she waited for the elevator and quickly got into it� she knew the room no� it was 408� getting out of the elevator� she dashed towards the room��. The room was opened� she just pushed it and entered�. What she saw�� broke her whole existence�. Maan was all over Samira who was lying on the bed naked and he was on top of her�. Kissing her�.
Maan� she called out� in a broken shivering voice�. Maan turned around and looked at her� he was first shocked to see her here� but then smirked�
Oh.. hi Geet�. Come join us� he said with a smirk�.
Maan� she whispered as her eyes moved from his face to Samira’s�
What??? Don’t act as thought you are new to this dear� he mocked her�.
bb.. But� ww�whhw�.why??? she managed to utter�
Why means??? What did you think� I’ll fall for some geek like you??? He mocked her again�
What�.. i..i�. what??? She asked completely confused
I mean that it was just for a stupid bet Geet�. Now that the bet is over� I left you.. I did it 1 and half year before thinking you’ll get the fact but� you are really stupid for a geek�. He said laughing� Samira too joined�.
So� either you join me or leave sweet heart�. He said winking his eyes�..
That means�.. wh�.wh..i..� w�we ar�e ma�.a.rrie�.d she stammered�.
What?? Married�.. God Geet�. I cannot believe you are so nave�. He laughed�. Filling your partition and giving you a chain doesn’t constitute a marriage� all this was just to get you in bed sweety�.�a.t.. m�m.ea�ns� yo..u� li� she tried�
Yes I lied�. What is wrong in that� he said shrugging his shoulders as Samira pulled him closer� Geet closed her eyes in disgust�.. She felt her whole world shattering�. How�. Why � was the questions she kept asking herself�. She walked out of the room and left the hotel and kept on walking without realizing where she was going�. Last she knew� she felt unbearable pain in her legs then her head and the whole world went dark��
After 3 months, Geet woke up.. only to find herself in a hospital�
Anjali� she heard Shyam calling her� she saw that he was holding Sakshi also.. Along with him, her mom (mami) also stood there, tear eyed�..
After that day, Geet had died�. The Geet who would dance in the smallest of occasions, who talked like the world would end soon, who never thought before doing anything�. Was dead� she was replaced by this woman�. She was Geetanjali.. a mother, a daughter a sister.. that is all�. She dint want to be anything else.. as she knew she wasn’t capable of being anything else�.
Anjali shook her head. .,trying to get the thought of that man out of her mind� but how do you get out such thought that had engraved itself inside her existence� she dint know.. She looked up towards the sky.. calling and praying her Devi maiyya to show her a way, to tell her how to get rid of these thoughts� she tried walking�. But her legs gave way and she fell on the ground� she was in her conscious� but still her body dint obey her mind to get up� she remained on the road�. Just like a log�. Without moment�. Soon.. her eyes went heavy and she dint feel a thing�.

Hello??? Is this Mr ASR??? Asked the voice �. Arnav was drunk.. but not so much�
Yah�.. who is this?? He spoke in a really heavy voice�.
Sir.. your sister Mrs Anjali Jha has been bought to the hospital� it seems she had fainted on the road�. The voice told him..
WHAT???? Which hospital� he yelled� getting up�.
City hospital sir� said the voice�. the phone went dead as Arnav pressed the end button.. He ripped off his shirt and dashed to the washroom�. He called his cook and ordered a lime juice and went to take bath.. he was out in 5 min and a glass of juice was ready� he gulped down the liquid and wore his clothes and dashed out of the penthouse�. He drove madly towards the hospital� he yelled at the receptionist who trembled at the man standing opposite to her� she gave him the room no�.. Arnav reached the room�. He opened the door� he just stood there seeing his di.. his reason for survival.. .his promise to his dying mother, asleep on the bed� he walked closer and held her limp hands�
Mr Raizada??? Said a voice�. he turned to see a doctor�
Yes�..what happened to her�. Where was she???? How did she get in here?? He shot his questions at her�
Good evening I’m Riddhima Malik�. And for your questions�. Her BP got low�.. but apart from all this� I think she should be alright��
What do you mean.. think� look� he said in a threatening voice�
No� you look�.. I’m her doctor� and you are her brother.. you shd be more careful towards her.. first you let your sister out without food� next you don’t check she has had her medicines or not� and then you let her go all alone� especially when you know she is diabetic�.then after all this, you have the audacity to question me??? She shot back� anger was evident�her eyes blazing.. no one.. Absolutely no one talked to Riddhima Mallik like that� she thought as she glared at that man�..
Arnav’s eyes widened� how dare she� he thought� but later he calmed down� this doctor was correct� he was so busy lost in the thoughts of that girl that he had ignored his di completely.. he turned his eyes towards the woman, who was lying lifeless�. He caressed her forehead�
Will she be ok??? He asked his voice dropping to a mere whisper�
Riddhima was taken aback at this.. She dint expect him to transform like this� getting back� she managed a Hmmm.. very soon.. she is not in danger.. but this shd not continue like this�. She said� as Arnav nodded his head, still looking at the still form�.
And no more stress� I believe that she was highly stressed�. when she was bought here, her pulse was really low�pls sir.. this shd not happen next time� she said�.
Thank you doc� I will make sure this will not happen again..
Riddhima wrote something on the pad near Anjali’s bed and left the room� Arnav sat near his sister for some time� he then thought of going out� as he stepped out of the room, he realized this was the same hospital, that girl was admitted into�. He then walked, trying to remember where her room was.. he moved to the next floor and then stopped opposite to one room.. He gently pushed the door� and what he saw made him burn in anger�.. That girl was cuddling close to Pritvi�. His security head� what the hell he thought�. This girl was really talented.. she had managed to get Pritvi into the web� so soon�.. As far as he knew Pritvi.. he was really decent and did his job sincerely�. Giving one more look at the two.. he left the room�not understanding why his heart was stopping him from going�. He sat down on one chair�. He felt guilty� he had promised his dying mother that he would take care of Anjali� he would put his happiness behind her need�but here, he was worrying for a girl who he dint even know� and she was getting cozy with the next available guy� he drew his hand through his hair�irritated� how can he do something like this� he let go of his di for this s**t??? he couldn’t believe what he was doing� sitting there�. Lost in his thought, Arnav just drifted off to a very uncomfortable sleep��.

Hello sir????
Yes.. tell me Pratap�. Maan said as he came out of the wash room�.. He gave an uninterested look towards the sleeping form of a girl on the bed��
Sir�I took her to the hospital� her brother has been informed�. He is here sir�
Hmm�. So..hummm�. Maan tried to ask him what the doctor said� but dint know how to do so�..
It seems her BP was low�. And she is diabetic too� Pratap said� with a small smile� he thanked God that he was not face to face with Maan�.
Hmmm�. You can leave for the day�.
Sir�. Pratap asked before Maan hanged up�.
What is it???
Wo.. sir� my brother stays here in Delhi� will it be ok if I spend some time tomorrow with him???
Hmm.. ok.. but be on call.. I’ll call you if I need something�. Maan said and cut the call�� he walked to the balcony� he dint know why he did it� he had called Pratap his main information guy�.. To follow Geet as soon as she left the room� he dint know why he had felt to do so� did he still care for her??? He wondered as he sipped on the glass of whiskey, he had taken out of the attached mini bar�. Why had she fainted like that�. he thought� diabetic??? he couldn’t believe that a girl like Geet could get it� but then why the hell did he bother.. She is a nobody.. he gulped down the glass and took the whole bottle� he emptied it till the last drop and his eyes fell on the sleeping, naked body of the girl�. He needed to get relieved again�. He removed his clothes and entered the bed� pulling her closer.. not bothered if she was sleeping or not�.

A small girl wearing a red ghagra was dancing and running around a beautiful rose garden� she was twirling around�.
Titli� dekho� a boy said as he held something in his hand�
Kya hai.. she asked as she tried seeing it�(what is it?)
The boy opened his hands and gave her a beautiful white rose�.
Awww.. bohot accha hai.. she said jumping cheerfully�.(awww� its so beautiful)
Aur ese bhi dekho na� said another voice.. she turned to see a lady holding a baby� and smiling at her� (and see this also)
Munna� mera munna� the girl cried out and ran towards the baby�.
Amma� me pakadon� isse� she asked as she tip toed to get a proper look at the child�.(can I hold him??)
Han han� saying the lady placed the child in the girls hand�
Is phool ko mujhe dedo� the lady said smiling as she took the flower�.(give this flower to me) Suddenly the climate changed and the air was filled with screams�. The girl looked horrified at her arms� as the baby was missing� then the rose in the lady’s hands were suddenly filled with blood�
Titli� the lady cried.. bhag ja� she cried out loud� the girl stood mortified�
Bhag titli�. Bhag�.. cried the woman as a bullet shot through her chest�. And the pearl necklace that she wore broke and scattered around �
Bhag ja� she cried as she hit the ground, crushing the rose under her�.
Amma� the girl cried� Munna� she cried, searching�.
Kushi was shook badly� she opened her eyes to look into a really concerned eyes of her new brother.. Pritvi� choti.. are you alright??? He asked as he caressed her head�
Kushi was everything but alright� she was shivering again� the dream had shaken her like before� but this time, the boy in it was new� Pritvi hugged her�. Sapna tha�. Sab teek ho jaye ga� he said as he hugged her and patted her softly�.(it was just a dream� all will be well)
If you are done with you cuchi coos� can you come out Pritvi� said a really cold and rude voice� Pritvi turned around and saw the great ASR standing there glaring at them� he gulped and let go of Kushi�. Me abhi a jaunga� saying he left a visibly shaking Kushi�.. this morning was really scary� she just wished her jiji was there with her like always�.(I’ll be right back)

Garima and Madhumathi stood outside their house, as few people threw out their things on the street�.
Hai Nandh kishore� Garima kuch karo�.humara ghar�.yelled buaji as she tried to stop those people�. (Garima do something�.our house) But Garima stood there numbed by all this�. Her eyes were fixed on the document that she held� according to it� the house was sold off and Payal had signed it�. So that means they were homeless� and Payal dint even tell them anything�.
Ab hum kya karenge Garima??? Cried Madhu�. Holding her head�(now what will we do???)
Kya jiji?? Garima asked emotionless�
Arrey� humne kabhi payal ko esa nahi socha tha�. Ghar bejh dia� aur hume raste par chod gayi� pese lekhar udgayi wo�. She cursed her� (I never thought Payal was like this�. She sold off the house and left us on the street�. She flew away with the money..)
Garima narrowed her eyes� she knew Payal was never the kind to go behind money�. She knew her daughters� they would bend only for love.. nothing else� suddenly she stiffened�. Daughters� she smiled� a very sad smile� she now understood everything�.she slowly made her way towards the house�.. there, on the ground� was their family pic.. She took it and then took out a bag, pushed in some clothes into it and left the house�.
Arrey oh� Garima� kaha javath ho??? Yelled Madhumathi�.(oh Garima.. where are you going??)
Upne gunah ki saza katne.. she said as she turned and started walking�.(to carry out my punishment)
Kya gunah� kya saza�.??? Sab bakwas�..hum tho chale.. upne pati ke ghar� Delhi�. Saying she took her bag and went to get a rickshaw that would take her to the railway station��(what crime?? What punishment�. All is rubbish� I’m going to my husbands house.. Delhi)

Precap: buaji in trouble.. or to say getting her just deserves��
Anjali’s first day on the job�..
Payal in Delhi�.