Part 14: Gone

Kushi sat crying in her room. She couldn’t take the pain his words have bought her. But what she couldn’t understand was how could he just say those spiteful words? How could he even think of such words, to start with. Her body rocked as she sobbed into her pillow. So many unanswered questions roamed inside her mind. Did her Guddu seriously think her to be like that? Did all these years of friendship mean nothing to him? did he feel their friendship to be a forceful relationship? She thought all these thoughts as she cried her heart out. She dint know whom to ask all this. For the first time in her life, she wish her mother was alive to guide her to this hard part of her life. She wanted someone to tell her that this was just a dream and when she gets up she would find her friend near her. But alas she knew it was far from that. The truth was that, Guddu was far away from her and he was no more her friend. He had hurt her and broken her heart with hurtful words and left her wounded and alone.
Arnav stood in the hall not knowing what to say. He was asked to decide whether he wanted to stay or leave. What kind of a question was that? Of course he wanted to leave. How could he stay in this house? This house, where his father was killed in.
I’ll join you to your house. Nani. He said with a pause. It was new to address her or any one as a relative
Shakunthala Raizada’s face blossomed into a smile. She dint expect her long lost grandson to accept so soon. She was expecting a long stay in this town. She nodded her head towards her son and flashed a smile towards a heart broken Mr. Gupta.
Guddu beta whispered Shashi Gupta but was stopped
Mr. Gupta Arnav has decided so I believe we can take him with us today itself she said immediately. She dint want to take any chance of letting this old man meddle with the boy’s decision
Shashi dint know what to do.
Ok Mrs. Raizada as you say he said with a slight tremor in his voice
He saw his brother standing with his wife. He walked to them.
Dev wo log, they are taking Guddu away. He told them. He felt so heart broken. The memory of his friend. They were taking him away. He couldn’t even stop them. On top of everything he dint know what he would tell Pari. His little girl would be devastated.
Bhai, pls be strong. If you become week then how will you handle Pari? Asked Dev
Yes Dev. How will we handle Pari? Shashi thought aloud
Pari is in her room. Let her be there till they leave Kamya said.
No no, she will be very angry if Guddu leaves without seeing her Shashi dismissed the idea
If Pari comes to know now, she will not let him go. What if she does something to hurt herself? Kamya said attacking the weakest spot.
Shashi got silent he was thinking.
Kamya sahi kah rahi hai Bhai don’t let her know now. Let Guddu get ready. Dev added sharing a knowing look with Kamya
Arnav kept glancing towards the door, expecting it to be opened by a furious Pari. But that dint happen. He had been packing for the past 2 hours. It did take time. He had to pack so much memories. It takes time. He had unknowingly kept all of Pari’s gifts. He at last placed his father’s picture in the suitcase and closed it.
Ho gaya he announced to the waiting uncle.
Chllo saying his uncle took the bag and suitcase but Arnav dint want to move. He looked around, trying to memorize the place. But where ever he looked he remembered his times with Pari. There wasn’t a moment in his memories without her. She was such a huge part of his growing years that it was impossible to think of anything without remembering her.
Arnav chlley?? His uncle called out again
Ji saying he followed him out. His eyes still searched to get a glimpse of her, his Pari before he left this place forever. But then why would she come, He had yelled at her, hurt her feelings, left her wounded physically and emotionally. Why would she come for a servant boy anyway? his mind told him. But his heart yearn for one look. One look was all he asked from God today. He wanted to freeze that look in his memory, in his heart where he would visit every time to see her for eternity. One look was all he asked of his mistress as he knew that one look was all he would get, as once he set his foot outside this place, his chances of meeting her was very thin.
Thunder cracked the sky and dark clouds clouded the surrounding, Kamya quietly entered Kushi’s room. Pari beta she woke her up.
Ji chachi?
Guddu ja raha hai she told her
Kaha ja raha hai??
He is leaving with his grandmother. Forever Pari… Kamya told her..
Aur before she could say anything, Kushi darted from the bed like a bullet out of a gun. She sped through the stairs out of the hall. There she saw her Arnav following a man into a car
GUDDU… She yelled out, crying. She ran out but was held by her father…
Babuji jane do.. Guddu.. mera Guddu.. she cried
Pls don’t go.. not like this.. don’t leave she called out
Arnav stood frozen. He had asked one look and here she was crying. Why was she crying? Wasn’t she supposed to be angry with him? His uncle gently pushed him to sit into the car
Nahi Guddu… don’t go… I’ll do anything. Give you anything. She cried. You want to be lavanya’s friend .. done.. I’ll never interfere. She cried.
But Arnav’s car had started moving. Kushi removed her hand from her father and started running behind the car.
Stop the car she cried out but no one listnen
Pls Guddu… tum mere dost ho na.. mere bath mano… I don’t have anyone apart from you.. she cried…running as fast as she could but the car had already picked up speed.
You were correct.. I am the poor rich girl Guddu… I am the poor rich girl.. she cried as she saw the car leave the premises. She knelt down and cried into her palm.. The sky cracked and cried along with her. It rained heavily. It was as though nature was morning the pain that the two friends were facing at that time.
Shakunthala Devi looked at her grandson. He seemed to be in pain. She realized it the minute he got into the car. She was not deaf. She could hear the cries of the girl too. What she dint understand was the relationship that these two shared. Her wise eyes had noted the pain her grandson was going through, but what she failed to understand was why he was bearing it. If he wanted, she would have given him permission to see her and bid her good bye in a proper manner. There must be more to this story, she thought as she turned her attention to the rain that seemed to have plans of flooding Lucknow presently.
Pari beta undar chalo.. Shashi requested her.
Aapne esa kyu kia bauji.. she asked in a broken voice. The rain had drenched her fully. But the coldness in her voice was not cos of the rain.
Kya kiya humne??
Why dint you tell me before??? Why dint you stop them from taking him?? She yelled
Pari… pls under jake bath karenge… he pleaded her.. he was getting scared..
Nahi..hume under nahi ana.. apse koi bath nahi karna. She yelled running away from him. She felt betrayed and alone
PARI BETA… shashi yelled after her…
Bhai..leave her.. She will be alright.. Dev told him. Placing a comforting hand on his shoulders…
Kushi ran towards Arnav’s house. She opened the door and got into it. She climbed into his bed and hugged his pillow and started crying. Kyu kiya…Why Why.. itna nafrath karthey ho kya humse..
I’m sorry.. she whispered.. Pls come back.. I promise I’ll never hurt you again.
Jane anjane me jo bhi kiya hai.. I’m sorry.. she cried hugging the pillow. The whole night she slept in his bed, crying, in wet clothes thinking of him…