Part 10: the growing years

Shashi signed as he placed the paper he had preserved inside the drawer�.
What is that bhaiyya??? Sachdev(DEV) asked�.
It is the end of a monster Sacchu�. Shashi said�. Looking lost�
What is it abt???
It abt that b****d Suresh� he was been shifted to another prison� on the way, the van met with an accident and he was burnt alive�. The police had confirmed that it was his body and that he is dead�.
Oh.. he was the guy who� Dev dragged�.
Yes he was.. and now my kids will be safe�. He said with a smile�
Ok� now challo.. we need to go to office� saying he got up and left the study� Dev opened the drawer and smiled evilly looking at the paper�

Oh.. Guddu�. Called Kamya as she entered the living room� after shopping�
Ji.. wo.. kya bath hai Malkin??? Asked Amar running inside the room�(what is the matter madam)
Tum nahi� where is Guddu??? She asked in an authoritative voice..
Wo� Guddu tho Pari ke kamre me hai.. he said in a low voice�.(Guddu is in Pari’s room)
Oh.. jao use bula lao� she said�.but by that time, Guddu was already coming down..(go and call him)
Oh Guddu.. come and life this box to my room.. she said pointing to a big cardboard box�
Ji.. saying he came closer and tried lifting it� but it was too heavy for a 10year old� he tried again.. but it fell from his hands and the glass articles in it broke�.
Eh ladke� what did you do??? she screamed� do you know the price of these things??? She yelled again�.oh� my whole days efforts gone to waste�. How dare you� she shouted holding him�. Arnav shivered.. He was still not used to anyone touching him except for Kushi�. Kamya lifted her hand to slap him..
CHACHI�. A loud voice made her stop�every one looked up to see Kushi coming down the stairs�
Don’t you dare�. Guddu mera dost hai� I do not like sharing my things chachi� and you are trying to do this??? She yelled as the shocked woman�.
Don’t you ever in your life think of doing something like that� moreover.. he is not your servant.. she told in full attitude�.
Par beta.. see what he had done.. I bought these things for you only� Kamya tried saying�. But was stopped�.
I don’t want anything that would get my Guddu in trouble�. She said looking straight into her eyes� Kamya nodded her head and walked away.. cursing the little girl with all her heart�..
Kushi held Arnav’s hand and took him to her room�
Why dint you say anything?? She asked him� anger was visible on her face�.
Wo.. she is elder and the Malkin of this house�.
What the�.. I’m the only Malkin of this house� no one else� Kushi said raising her voice a bit�
Ok.. but still how could I�. Arnav said looking down
Why cant you� don’t you know.. we should always say what is right�. Whether the other people like it or not�.
But� what if�.
No if or but Guddu..promise me.. you’ll always do what you feel is right.. not anything else�. She asked showing her palm in front of him�. Guddu placed his palm on it� and pinched it softly and put a tick mark on it.. sealing it off�.. That day he had promised that he would do and say what he felt was right� which he followed all his life�
Guddu???? Kushi called out as she searched him around the ground.. and near the canteen� but he was no where in sight� she went near the library.. and what she saw made her blood boil�. Sheetal was going to kiss Arnav on his cheek� Kushi ran towards her and slammed into her� pushing her on the ground�
How dare you kamini� Guddu is mine� and I’ll hurt you if you touch him� she shouted at her� she then turned towards Arnav who was rubbing one of his cheek�
What happened she asked him�
She kissed me on this cheek first.. yuck� he made a face�.
Don’t worry� saying she took out her hanky and rubbed that place� she tip toed and kissed him on that place�.
See now it is fine.. I replaced her yuck kiss with mine� she said beaming�..
Thank you�.. chalo.. saying Arnav pulled Kushi out of the library.. not even sparing a look at the fallen Sheetal�..
Tho today is your foot ball game no?? asked Kushi who held the 12 year old Arnav’s hand�
Yes� and I’m so ready for it.. he said excited� and pls sit where I can see you� he then complained�.
Ok.. I have asked Lavanya to already catch a place for me� said the 8 year old Kushi�.
Hmmm.. challo.. you leave� the coach will be waiting for you..
Bye Pari.. he said with a smile�
Bye.. saying she ran off� Arnav stood there seeing her disappear before he left for the locker room�.
Guddu�. What is this a 10 year old Kushi asked looking at the lady wearing bikini in the magazine�
Huh�. Hmm� its like inners.. explained the 14year old Arnav� embarrassed at all this�.
Oh.. par.. ke kya hai� why don’t I wear this?? She asked pointing at the bra�. She went near the mirror and looked at her chest�. I don’t have the bulge like that lady�.. she said pouting�. Arnav dint know what to say.. he too dint have any idea�.
Hmm.. may be you’ll get it.. when you grow a bit older�. He said.. patting himself mentally for saying so�
Accha� how do you know?? She asked him with a suspicious dip in her voice�
Hey.. I’m bigger than you no.. so I know�he managed somehow�.
Hmmm� you think it’ll grow as good as that lady’s.. she asked as she again looked at herself in the mirror�
Yaar.. you’ll look better.. he commented as his attentions shifted towards his PSP�.
Ok.. will go and sleep now� saying Kushi left the room.. and Arnav too went to his room�.
Next day the duo reached their school together�Arnav was the dude of the school.. He was in 9th standard now.. and played both foot ball and basket ball� his physic had improved a lot� thanks to all the sports� his therapy and sessions with DK were over by last year� who had declared that Arnav was fit to lead a normal life�
As for Kushi� she was 10 years old and head of the story telling club in her school� she loved talking..and bossing around others� she had a huge fan following.. But she never looked at anyone.. all her attention was either on her studies or on Arnav� the whole school knew that messing with these two was only inviting trouble for themselves� the teachers loved these two� and so did most of the students��
Guddu.. ruk ruk� she said jumping�
Kya hai� he asked her looking here and there�
Wo� wo.. kulfi.. she said pointing at the kulfi cart�.she left Arnav and ran towards the cart� normal day, Arnav would slowly follow her.. but today, he saw Rajbir� the another dude of the school.. He was in 10th and everyone thought he was really cool.. but Arnav hated him.. He seemed extra nice to Kushi all the time�. That always riled him up�
Bhaiyya� mujhe orange wala dena.. she said�. Cheerfully�. The seller gave her one and she started eating it� that is when Arnav realized he dint have money�
Pari.. mere pas paise nahi hai.. he whispered�(Pari I don’t have money)
Kya.. pese nahi hai??? What will we do now�? she shouted�.
Oh.. don’t worry.. I’ll give the money yaar� said Rajbir� giving his sweet smile, much to the irritation of Arnav�
Thank you Rajbir� Kushi said flashing her pearls in front of him� Arnav fisted� how he wished he could hit this guy black and blue�
Call me Raj�. All my friends call me so.. he said in a really husky voice� but before Kushi could answer.. Arnav pulled her with him� and they both reached home.. but Arnav dint let go�he pulled her along the living room, up the stairs into his room and shut the door loudly..this was seen by Dev and Shashi
Dekha bhayya� this what happens when you give so much space to a servant boy�. Sneered Dev�
Chodo na Sacchu.. they are just kids� Shashi said with a smile� he knew what kind of bond these two shared�
Nahi nahi bhayya.. don’t say that�. these low class boys are so cunning.. tomorrow.. our Pari will come and say she will only marry him.. then what will we do?? Dev said.. acting all concerned
I’ll get them married�. Shashi said with full confidence�. I am planning to do so only�.. he spoke.. his eyes oozing love and confidence� I know Guddu will take care of my Pari.. better than me� moreover.. after me.. all my property goes to her only� then after marriage it will go to Guddu�.. I just pray that they stay happy forever he said smiling�.
Dev gulped� that means the whole property is in the name of Pari???? That means he cannot get anything� he thought of making a plan with Kamya�
Meanwhile inside the room��.
Pari� from now on.. you will not accept money from anyone� he said.. his voice stern and dominant
But�why??? Rajbir was only trying to help�.. she said with a pout�
Pari� pls.. take this.. saying he gave her a key.. if you want money.. you will take it from this box��
What is this??? She asked scrutinizing the box�
It is my piggy bank� you can take money from it.. but promise me� you’ll never take money from anyone else.. saying so he stretched his hand toward her.. She pressed her palm on his and pinched it and sealed it with a tick� but this promise she never fulfilled�..
The next morning Arnav and Kushi were standing near the entrance of 10th class�
Go on� go in and give him the money.. don’t forget to call him what I told you.. ok� Arnav said� giving her an assuring smile�
But Guddu.. why shd I do it� she wined.. She dint like all this�
Pls Pari.. for me�. Moreover we shd never keep favors from others.. we shd return it� he said gently pushing her towards the class�. Kushi entered the class and walked towards the place Rajbir was sitting�he saw her coming and smiled�.
Wo.. Here is the money you lent me yesterday� saying she placed the money on the desk�she was told by Arnav not to touch him�..
Yaar.. I don’t want it.. you can keep it dear� he said with a cheeky smile�
No no.. we shd never keep others favors� she repeated Arnav’s words�.ok I need to go� thank you Raj Bhaiyya�. Saying she left the place�. Rajbir’s mouth hung open hearing Bhaiyya from her mouth�. And Arnav stood outside smiling on his achievement�he knew this was the reaction that this-cal me Raj would give�..he giggled and stopped as he saw Pari coming outside and they both left the place�..

Tho what should we do Kamy� said Dev after he told Kamya everything�
Hmmm that old buffoon has planned this� do you know what is there in his will??? She asked…
Yes.. I just got a copy from Jha’s place.. I had shed so much money for it.. he wined�
Leave it.. If we play our cards�., We would get all this.. She said gesturing all this through her hands�
Ok.. here take this� read it�. Saying he pressed the copy of Shashi’s will in her hand�
After 1 hour, Kamya smiled.. There was everything evil abt that smile�
I think it is time to get him in.. she said looking into Dev’s eyes�. It would be perfect�
Yes you are correct� I’ll get him inside the house tomorrow itself� saying Dev left the room.. and Kamya sat there smirking� I feel so sorry for you Pari� she said� the smirk not leaving her face at all��

The next morning��
Bhaiyya�. Dev called as he entered�
Kya hai� Shashi answered from his table..
Wo I have decided on a watchman for our house�.
But we already have one right�.
Yes bhaiyya.. but you see this man is in dire need of a job.. Dev said in a soft voice pointing towards the door� Shashi went out to look at the man� he gasped� half of the man’s face was burnt��but he had covered it�.
What happened to him Sacchu??? He questioned him�.
He was in a fire accident� but after recovering.. no one was willing to give him any job� but he doesn’t want to live in charity� so only I thought of this Bhaiyya�
Hmmm.. ok ask him to come in the night shift Sacchu� I don’t want the kids to get scared�. Saying Shashi left�
Dev and the man smirked�..
This was just the beginning��.