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Have you ever thought why me! To god? I do every day.  And so like every day today also I think the same thing as I get up.  Pichle 2 salo ki tara I get up at 4 in the morning.  Geet Handa, jo pehle kabhi bhi 7 se pehle morning nahi dekha karthi thi, now gets up at 4, Babaji kya planning hai aapki I tell him as I get up from my bed.  This is my regular routine.  Oye wait I need to introduce myself.  Hello ji.  Myself Geet Handa.  21 years old.  Lives all alone in Hoshiyarpur, Punjab.  Ab pura din bate tho nahi kar sakthi hon so I get to my work.  My work includes going and sending the men who guard the fields home, keep water for the cows, buffalos, goats and the two dogs that live here.  Keep food for the poultry and plan what the Maharaj will cook for the men who will come and work in the field for the day.  All this work I need to finish by 6:00 as Maharaj my cook will come at that time.  He and I will then sort out what will be cooked for breakfast, lunch and dinner for myself and the other staff.  Aap log soch rahe honge ki yeh ladki tho kah rahi thi ki akeli rahthi hai but why the hell is she cooking for a battalion? My dear friends, I do that cos I live in a huge farm.

My family, the Handas were farmers and owned 100 acres of land around the area.  The house I live in now, 2 years ago housed a whole family.  My family had my darji and dadi, my tauji taiji and their 2 sons tej and brij with their wifes and one kid then came my papaji and ma who had me and my elder brother Luckwinder then came chachu and chachi with tito and raji.  I was studying in Delhi.  Doing my II year BSc Mathematics when Lucky veerji’s marriage was fixed.  My exams were due so I had decided to come to the marriage venue directly.  But the marriage dint happen.  My whole family died in the bus accident that carried the bharath.  Only I escaped.  Aaj bhi me bhagwan se phuchti hun ki mujhe hi kyu bhachaya??? Akheli rahgayi me.  Then on people came and started to ask me to sell this property.  But this was the only memory of my family.  The family that I love so much.  Who loved my so much.  So I refused.  We have money.  I know how to use that money.  My family has enough of name and I have used that name to get good workers to work in the field.  With enough remuneration I have kept this field flourishing for the past 2 years.  I have no plans of selling this property only a miracle could make me sell this, and I know that miracles don’t exists.

Anyway, roz ki tara I finished my morning duties and then left to school.  I forgot to tell you.  I am a teacher in the nearby school.  I have finished my B.Ed. and teach Mathematics to the kids.  Aaj Saturday hai so it is half day.  I know I’ll come back by 1 and will spend my time alone in that big house again.  Babaji what are you punishing me for.  Dadi always told me everyone is born for a purpose, what is my purpose?  Pls Babaji… help me.  Mujhe aur yeh akelapan bardash nahi hota.  I moaned silently again as I drove my scooty back home.  I parked it inside the shed as I will not take her out as it is the week end.  Oye shed ki phech tho clean hi nahi kiya… I hit my head… chall beta kam pe lag ja I told myself.  I removed my duppata and took the broom and moved towards the back of the shed.  I was about to open the door which led to the back, when I heard a sound.  It was a sound of a child crying.  Or more to say like cooing.  I slowly opened the door, making sure not to make noise.  I saw a small child of may be 10 to 12 months old sitting on the floor.  I dint know if it was a girl or a boy.  It was so shabby and dirty.  Without thinking anything I rushed towards it and grabbed it.  I don’t know how to explain this, but holding this child in my arms made me feel special.  At that moment I felt the luckiest person on this planet.  If this is how a mother feels when she holds her baby for the first time, then I guess that is what you could explain my feelings.

Put him down.  I heard a very hard and ruff voice warn me.  I turned around to see a man standing there with a knife in his hand.  The knife had dried blood on it.

Babaji.. I whispered.  Was he going to kill this innocent soul?  Did this man kill this child’s parents already? I thought

Nahi.. I told him. But I couldn’t hide the shiver in my voice

The man’s eye’s narrowed down at me.  Down.. now.. he ordered me as he stepped closer to me.  I held the baby closer to me.  I had decided there was no way I was going to do what he was telling me to do.  What if he looked scary?  I was not going to do it.  I shook my head saying no as I moved back.

Give me the baby. Now he said I’m warning you he threatened me as he twisted the knife in his hand coming closer to me.  I hugged the baby closer and backed off.  I had a plan.  All I had to do was to get out through the door and lock it.  Then I would run out and call for help.  But this man looked insane.  I needed to protect the baby.  It’s now or never I told myself.

1…2…3… I counted in my mind and then turned to run but by the time I even tired, the man jumped on me.  He slammed me into the wall.  I hurt my head but I refused to leave the baby..

Chodo.. kamine kutte.. kese admi ho tume. Bacche ko marthey ho I screamed at him as he pressed his body against me as I was struggling to get his hands off the baby.  I kept shaking my head and my hands, struggling.  If he had to get the baby it would be through me.  I had decided that.

Choona bhi nahi use kamine Babaji tume maf nahi karenge.  Kutte ki mout marrega tu. Jahanum me bh.. but then what he did made me freeze.  My whole body froze.. That perverted b*****d…  a**h**e pressed or more to say squeezed my b*****t.  I looked up at him and that b*****d dint even have the decency to look embarrassed.  He took the baby from my hand and moved away.  That is when I looked at him.  He was wounded.  His left hand was bleeding and right hand was bruised.  He looked so dirty and stunk like a skunk.

Yeh mera beta hai.  He said hugging the baby.

Oh was the most intelligent reply that came out of my mouth.  I was feeling embarrassed.  No man had ever seen me like this, forget touching me.. and here I was standing in front of this stranger without a duppata and had just gotten my b*****s squeezed.  This thought made my face heat up and I felt like running and hiding my face somewhere.

And.. that.. you were shouting like a banshee and I couldn’t stop you with one hand so.. so.. he said looking a bit embarrassed.. ok that guy had some good thing in him I thought feeling a bit secure

My name is Geet I told him trying to bring back normalcy

Maan he introduced himself and this is Manan he said mentioning the baby.  AS though he understood, Manan lifted his hands up as thought asking her to lift him up.  Geet grinned at him and took him in her arms

Baby tho dirty hai.  She told the child who was fully covered in dirt and his clothes were fully covered with mud and were damp with due. Baby ko nahaenge.. aur fir dudu denge she said in a babyish language.  She took the child and walked away forgetting abt the grown man behind them.