Monthly Archive: March, 2014

Part 4

Next Part Maan entered his room and he immediately felt it.  The unusual coldness in it and the eerie silence that was deafening.  What was it?? He wondered as he walked into his now dark… Continue reading

Part 3

Next part Maan sat staring at the place where Geet had been minutes before.  He dint know how to react to the words she uttered before she left.  She had never spoken to… Continue reading

Part 2

Maan was furious.  How could she.  He murmured as he stormed into the study.  How dare she he growled.  In front of everyone, embarrassing me like this.  He grumbled, walking around like a wounded lion.  He dint… Continue reading

Part 1

Suno, he called her, and the whole breakfast table went quiet. I’ll be back by 7 today.  I need to tell you something important.  He told her.  Ji she said in her quiet voice but… Continue reading

Introduction- O sanam bekhabar

Introduction Maan and Geet are married for 20years.  They have lived under one roof for these years with a whole family of people.  They have everything in their life.  They have kids, brothers… Continue reading

Part 3

Next Part Geet stood near the window lost in her thoughts.  What had she done?  She couldn’t believe she had married a complete stranger.  She was never like that.  Was it lust that… Continue reading

Part 4

Next Part Geet got up in a really grumpy mood.  Her back was hurting like anything.  She staggered and got up from the bed.  Maan had not slept in the room with her… Continue reading

Part 16: My Strength

Next part: Today I need to send an email to Arnav.  Said an excited Kushi. Arrey yaar you just sent him one the day before no?? Cribbed Lavanya as she slumped down on the… Continue reading

Part 20

Part 2

For the next half hour, Geet spent cleaning the child and talking gibberish to him.  Manan or Manu as she called him seemed to react to every sound she made.  He giggled, cooed… Continue reading