Part 6

Recap: payal is worried of not getting any call from Kushi. Shyam taunts Anjali and then apologises…. Kushi has memories of last night where she felt really strange as her body was burning internally and she felt really weak and helpless. She thanks her Devi Mayya for helping her via Shyam. Shyam gives Kushi same tabs when she sufferes the same symptoms… after her sleeping under its effect, he takes advantage of her….
Ab age…..

What is this marriage called? She wondered lying down besides her Sakshi. She knew very well it was not love or lust. Then what was it? Was it for the society? Was it for her family or was it simply to satisfy her broken confidence. The confidence that had been shattered with her leg… the confidence which had broken when she had seen him go… She dint know. She dint know why she silently bared the taunts that Shyam gave her, which he smartly disguised it later on. She dint know…. It was almost 7 years of their marriage. But still she couldn’t bring herself to feel for Shyam… how can I when my heart still beats for him she thought…. Turning to hug her daughter, the cute angel of her life…she thought again looking at her face…. she had his eyes but the face was more of her but her lips were so him… her hair was also thick and jet black just like his she thought as she moved her fingers through them….she kissed her forehead and shut her eyes to get some sleep……
It was nearly 3 in the morning when Kushi got up from her disturbed sleep. She felt different. Her dreams were very confusing and had left her feeling disgusted abt herself……she felt as thought she was pulled into a vortex of chocolate brown… and then some one rubbing her and touching her. she flinch at the memory… she got up and found her self completely naked and something dry on her thigh… she dint know what it was… she thought she had peed in her sleep and she ran into the wash room and decided to take a bath as she could still feel those hands in her dream touching her making her uncomfortable….
The morning rays woke up a sleeping Arnav. He got up again with a hangover…. He remembered having a lot to drink as he couldn’t sleep. Shantivan was alcohol free thanks to his nani, so he had come to his penthouse which no one knew about. Not even his sister…. This was his adobe… it had a beautiful pool and a terrace lawn outside his window. It was a 3 bedroom place with a kitchen and I balcony apart from the terrace. The pool and the lawn were set in that terrace. The whole place was situated on the 20th floor of his office. Not even his employees knew such place existed as they were never allowed in here. The whole place was built on 10,000 sqft area…. His bedroom had a glass wall on one side giving him a divine sight of the morning sun rise…. He rested his head on the recliner and sipped the coffee looking out at the people rushing to their offices in haste….
Shyam got up and stretched himself before getting out of bed. he called Anjali so that she doesn’t disturb him while he is busy with Kushi… the thought of what he had planned for her and that itself had made him go hard. He couldn’t wait for tonight… the temptation was huge especially after last night…. He moved into the wash room for his morning activities…. He came out and saw Kushi arranging the table. He slowly went behind her and hugged her from behind. Kushi froze as she felt him. She dint know what it was that she felt but she dint like it. She tried to wriggle out. Shyam removed his arms from her and turned her around to face him….
Kushi ji…. Kya hua? He asked innocently….(what happened)
Wo… hum… pata nahi… she replied softly looking down….(that I don’t know)
Aap janthe hai ke hum pati patni hai…. Aur yeh sab tho hona chahiye na? (you know we are a couple and this is common)
Wo… hume ajeeb lagta hai….(I feel weird)
Shyam understood she dint like this and was irritated. He also knew she was too young and coming from a conservative family she had little or no knowledge abt all this…..and he was gonna use this to his advantage…he decided to play it safe as of now… He moved the chair and sat down for breakfast. They both had their breakfast in silence. One, wondering what she had to do now and the other planning his next step.
Kushi ji… hum chahte hai ki aap humare sath cinema dekhe… he said as he got up finishing his food…(I want you to watch a movie with me)
Cinema? Hum bahar jarahe hai kya? She asked unable to curtail her enthusiasm…..(cinema are we going out?)
Nahi…. Aaj nahi… hum ghar me dekhenge… challeye saying he moved towards the room and bought a CD and put it into the player and switched off the lights and shut the curtains… kushi sat down on the couch wondering whose and what the movie was. She saw it starting but couldn’t understand a thing….(no not today. we will watch it at home itself)
Hume samaj nahi a raha hai… she said sadly…(I cant understand)
Ye English hai… hum he na samjadenge….. saying he went close to her and sat down. He had his arm around her shoulder and his head slightly tilted towards her. (this is in English…. I’m there no and I’ll explain)
Kushi saw a couple enter a hall were people were dancing vilayath style… she dint understand what was going on…. Later she saw the man’s hand rubbing the lady’s bare back and he said something to her in her ears…
Usne kaha iss jagah me kafi shor hai…. Kahi akele me jaye? Explained Shyam coming close to her… as his other hand which was around her shoulder slightly rubbed her arm… Kushi was feeling uncomfortable and confused… she saw the man taking the lady to a car park and they both drove away…. The girl was doing something to the man’s lower region and she dint understand what…..Then the man stopped the car in a secluded place and turned facing the girl and said something.(he told her that this place was really noisy and can we go to some place quiet)
Wo kehraha hai… ke me aur intezaar nahi kar sakta…. Mujhe tum abhi chahiye…(he is telling her that he cannot wait more I want you now itself)
Wo ladki kehrahi hai… yahan? Bech raste pe? (that girl is saying here? In the middle of the road?)
Admi kehta hai…. Kyu nahi…. Alag hoga…mene kabhi bahar nahi kiya…. (the man is telling why not? It would be different and I have never done it outside)
Par Shyam ji wo kis bare me bath kar rahe hai? Aur wo ladki kya kar rahi thi? She asked clueless of what was going in his mind…..( but shyam ji what are they talking about? And that girl what was she doing to him?)
Shyam smirked…. This was what he had wanted her to ask…. Wo admi uske sath akele me bath karna chahta hai aur wo pareshan hai… uski biwi yeh ladki use shanth karne ki koshish kar rahi this…. Saying he took her hand and placed it on his already hardening hood…. Kushi removed her hand immediately as thought it burnt her hand… Shyam held her hand and smiled at her, assuring her it was nothing…. (that man wanted to talk to her alone and he is worried… his wife, that girl is trying to calm him down)
Kya aap bhi pareshan hai? She asked looking at him innocently…. Shyam smiled(are you also worried?)
Aap ko kya lagta hai…. Aap koshish kariye…. Aram se….yese apna hath hilathey rahiye…. He said and Kushi did so unknowing what she was doing…. (what do you think? You try this out…. slowly…now keep moving your hand it…)
By this time the couple in the movie was kissing….. and Shyam smirked seeing Kushi stare at the screen without blinking her eyes…. He raised his hand and rubbed her lips bringing her attention towards him… kya hua….? He asked her…..(what happened)
Yeh sab galath hai…. Ese kese… she said still stealing glances at he screen……(this is all wrong…. How come…)
Bilkul nahi…. Yeh toh shadi shuda hai na… aur pati patni eh sab karte hai he said slyly…..(not at all… they are married and this is common with married couples)
Par hum tho eh sab nahi kiya hai…. She asked innocently….(but we don’t do all these things)
Hmmm wo isleye kyo ki aap ko yeh sab pata nahi tha he explained to her controlling the urged to kiss those tempting lips and insert his hardened hood into her… he placed his hand over hers and made her hold it and rub it faster….. it was getting painful as it was still under his pant. They heard a moaning from the TV which caught their attention. The man was kneading the lady’s curves as she sat there topless. She continued to moan as he placed his lips on her n****e and sucked it… (that is cos you don’t know abt all this things)
Abh yeh use kat raha hai kya? She asked shocked at what he was doing…..(now is he biting her?)
Nahi kushi ji… yeh use pyar kar raha hai… yese karne se us ladki ko acch lagega…. Shyam replied smirking… his plan was working like a charm….this was really exiting… all these talks and explanation was making him even more aroused….(no kushi ji he is loving her… doing this makes the girl feel nice)
Hum nahi manthe….. dekhiye wo use kutte ki thara kat raha hai…. She said as tears well in her eyes unable to tolerate the girl’s plight….(I don’t accept this… see he is biting her like a dog)
Nahi kushi ji… aap ese nahi manengi…. Me aapkeliye kartha hun fir ap batana kese laga…. Saying he pulled her up and made her sit on his lap. He paused the TV (no kushi ji… you wont accept like this…. I’ll do it to you and then tell me how it felt)
Kushi ji dariye math…. Apne ankhe bandh kariyega… he slowly removed his pant zip letting his hood out as he adjusted kushi on his lap…. (Kushi ji don’t be scared…. Close your eyes)
Kushi felt something poking her underneath… it was poking her core and she felt something different… her every movement was making her feel something and she liked it….
Shyam placed his palm on her curves over the sari and gently started to knead it…. Kushi’s breath hitched as she never had felt a man, forget man anyone touch her like this… she weirdly liked it too….. She held his shoulders as he continued [guys before you take offensive…. Just read on… Kushi is just 17 and this age instead of you your hormones drive you… moreover this is really new to her and Shyam is an expert sick b*****d… he is trying to tame her…his real intention will be revealed too… why he wants her to comply rather than him just rape her…. So pls have patience and read on……]
Shyam was loving this… seeing her lost in the moment he slide the pallu off and slowly remove her blouse… he then knead her over her b**. Kushi dint realize what he was doing… she kept her eyes close and felt the change happening… he opened the b**hook and touched her skin sending an immediate shiver through out her body..he played with her n*****s. he moved his face closer to her curves planning to suck them when his phone rang…. He took the call and found it to be his client.
Kushi came out of her trance. The sly man had made her feel something out of this world… her mind wanted this again but she also felt some hesitation in accepting this…. It was still wrong for her… seeing Shyam busy in talking she ran off into the room…
Shyam was highly irritated… when he was gonna enjoy the fruit of labor this man had to call… he informed a flushed Kushi of him leaving for an important job and will be back in few hours… Shyam left the house in frustration…
Precap: so sorry….. it’s the same….