Part 4: Pari

Recap: Suresh’s life’..Suresh abuses Arnav more’ Arnav is disturbed and breaks many things in his house. Amar gets angry with him and shouts making Arnav even more disturbed


Amar was worried. This was the third time he has been called by the school teacher. Amar was first called in by his teacher as Arnav had used the S word and W word openly’. He dint know from where he learnt all this’. He had been ashamed and had apologized to the teacher in this regard’

This had never happened’. He dint understand what was wrong with Arnav now a days’ he seems extremely matured at times and at times violent’. The teachers have complained abt the lack of concentration in studies. He had tried talking with Arnav but it was in vain. He dint know what to do’.. This time, Arnav had pushed the young doctor who had come in for medical examination. This was really strange. Arnav was never known to be a violent child. What was wrong wondered Amar as he made his way back home. What pained him more was that Arnav seemed to be more lost. He was mostly found in the garden gazing at the roses. He seemed to have gotten thinner by the day and his usual glow was missing from his face. The boy though resembled Arnav was really far away from the boy he knew. He did understand that being his age, boys might seek some alone time, as they want to understand themselves better. They might not be comfortable by the interference of their parents on everything. Individuality grows to the maximum during periods between 10 to 14′ but here Arnav remained lost all most all the time, he gets irritated if asked questions, his disinterest in studies especially Maths was worrisome. Arnav was a child who loved studying’ though he was interested in sports but he was much inclined towards studies than anything else. But now he seemed to be detached’ Arnav had changed within few months’. He had demanded a separate bedroom, and Amar had more than few times, found him washing his own clothes’. This was weird, but he dint think much into this’.

The Sheesh Mahal was beautifully decorated for the arrival of their Pari. Amar, after coming from Arnav’s school had been busy in the arrangements’ Shashi was really happy. He glanced at his child now and then as they neared home. Kushi was sleeping. The 7 hours journey was too much for a 6 year old. But she was all chirpy that she would stay with her dad and now she won’t be bullied by bigger boys who used to tease her for being an orphan. Kushi opened her eyes and found herself in a big purple bedroom. She smiled as she knew she was back home. Purple was always her favorite color and she had asked her father to do her room in that color. She got up and went outside the room.

Are’ Pari beta’ you are awake’. Let me take you to the study, Malik is sitting there said a man who was smiling at her’.. He held a boy who seemed older that her. Kushi narrowed her eyes wondering who they were’..

Aap kon ho??? Or yeh?? She asked pointing at the boy’.

Hum Amar hai’. Yahan ka naukar aur yeh Guddu hai mere beta’ he said smiling’.

That means you are Bauji’s servant and he is mine? She asked curiously’..

Amar laughed at this’ that is correct if you say so dear’.

Ok then you go and tell Bauji I’m in my room and will meet him in dinner and I’ll be with Guddu saying she pulled him along with her to her room’

Pls leave my hand’. He pleaded trying to remove his hand from her grip’

No’ why shd I’ you are my servant and are supposed to listen to only me’. She said with attitude’.

Arnav knew that she was correct. If he disobeys her, she might also get her father into trouble. So he nodded his head meekly. Accha get me some water and something to eat’ go now she ordered as she moved into the bathroom. Arnav did as he was told. But when he was back, the room was locked and he stood waiting for her’ she opened the door after 15 min’

Come in’ she said as she sad down in the chair. I want cold water’.this is normal one she ordered’. Arnav signed’ he couldn’t believe that he was being ordered by a 6 year old girl he nodded his head and went down to the kitchen to get her cold water’.

Kushi was so thrilled’ she got her very personal servant’ all these years, people would tease her for being with her grand mom without a father, big boys would pick on her’ though she would manage all of them, but somewhere she always wanted a friend and Guddu was perfect for her.. He would be hers in every way’ her friend and servant’ she smiled and clapped her hand in glee thinking abt this’. She heard a knock on the door and straightened herself’.Arnav came in and placed the glass on the side table.

Anything else chote Malkin? He asked softly hating her and what he is doing here…

What do you call Malkin in English???? She asked him as she dint know

Hmmm’ he thought its mistress’..

Ok from now on you’ll call me Mistress’ ok? She ordered looking at him’.

Arnav looked shocked at the audacity of this girl. But he knew he dint have any other option. He nodded his head and left the room. What else could go bad in his life he thought? First it was Suresh then his teachers now this girl all were behind him’. He slowly made his way to the rose garden and sat down’.

The morning sun awoke a very excited Kushi’. She was eager to go to her new school. Her Daima came in and made her ready and she met her father in the breakfast table.

Pari beta, you’ll be going to school with Guddu from now on’ Shashi said with a smile.

Oh so he studies in my school? That is good’. She said as she finished her food.

Bye Bauji saying she kiss the old man’s cheek and left swinging her lunch box’.. She saw Arnav standing by the door of the car.

Open it’ and wish me’ she ordered in attitude’

Good morning Mistress saying he opened the door in complete defeat. What was the use of fighting a losing battle? They both got to school.

Kushi settled in her class and Arnav moved in to his… all the periods went on properly. The last period today was for special education. Today’s topic was what kindred Arnav’s attention. He saw few people stand on the stage teaching abt private places in the body and how no one is allowed to touch it. The man standing on the stage, explained abt the nature in which the body reacts to the touches. The people descried it to be sexual abuse and it was wrong. If any child was undergoing this, he or she is to complain to the teacher, parent or any elder who is trustworthy. Arnav’s eyes welled in recognition. Suresh sir was doing all this to him and these people said it was wrong. He hated himself for doing what was wrong and guilt filled his young mind. He would defo face Suresh sir on this matter. Thinking he came back home

Suresh sir????? called Arnav as he entered the room…
yes Guddu… come in Suresh said with a big smile… he was really eager today… he could hardly contain his excitement… he had waited for this… he was gonna go full anal today…
What are you waiting for Guddu…? he asked removing his shirt
Sss…iii…Sir… I know… Arnav started…
what do you know Guddu…?
This all is wrong… he said trying to be brave…
What all is wrong… Suresh asked slowly moving towards Arnav…
what you are doing to me… this is crime SSSIIR… I’ll tell my teacher…
will you now? He said with a smirk… what you will tell you teacher… will you tell her that your p***s grows shamefully when i touch it…? he said smirking as he touched it over his pants… Arnav moved back…
tell her that you squeal like a girl, enjoying what I do to you???? he said hovering over the poor boy…
you are my toy boy he said gritting his teeth… my rent boy who I pay by buying books and keeping his father safe…
now do you want to spoil all this…?
I…I… don’t want any…books Arnav tried saying…
ok.. But what abt you father???? He asked giving him an evil smile…

Kushi was waiting for Arnav to come’. He had told her he would teach her to play cricket’ ok not told, she told him to teach her and he nodded as usual’..she had her plastic bat and was waiting for the past half hour’. She decided to go and look for him’. She took the bat and kept the ball in her pocket. She left the room and moved towards the servant quarters’.

Arnav stood dumbstruck by this’. Not his father his mind shouted’..

So tell me boy’ what do you want me to do’. Will you listen to me or do you want me to hurt you Bauji??? He asked smirking’.

I’ll do what you say sir’ he said meekly as tears ran down his eyes’

Ok start by saying that you are my rent boy’ my toy he said smirking

I’I’m yyy..your rreennt boy and toy’. He repeated as he hiccupped in between’.

Good, now say that you are sorry and you love what I do to you… He said with a sinister smile’.

I’I’mmm ss..sssooryy sir’.. I love what you do ttt’to me’. He repeated’. Every word that came from his mouth snapped out the life from his body

Ok now smile your sunny smile and remove your clothes’ he said impatiently

Arnav stretched his lips for a smile but it dint look like one’.

I said smile boy’ he growled’. Arnav tried again’. Suresh was irritated’. He slapped Arnav on his face and the boy fell down hitting his head on the floor drawing a little blood’. Come on boy smile I said’. He yelled holding Arnav’s head by his hair’..not getting a smile from him, he ripped off Arnav’s dress and made his kneel on the chair’ this is gonna be fun he sang aloud’ he turned Arnav to face the back rest of the chair and positioned his hood to the back of the child

Kushi was out of the Mahal and was walking in the corridor when she heard voices’. She got curious and decided to check the room. When she opened the second room, she was surprised to see her Guddu naked, kneeling on the chair and some man doing something at his back’. What is going on she asked as her voice raised a few decibels than necessary’..

Precap: caught’.. who’ Kushi or Suresh??????

Note: Kushi is not as bad as she seems’ she is a rude but a very possessive of Arnav’.. both don’t know there real names’.. Kushi knows his name to be Guddu only as everyone calls him so, Arnav knows her name as Pari’.