Part 2: The curiosity

Part 2

Recap: a description of Gupta and Malik family….. Arnav in pain…..
Part II: Curiosity

It was 3 months ago…..the manager of the Gupta estates, Mr. Suresh Shah came by few times a week to the Mahal for reporting. This was the first time he had seen Arnav there… being a paedophile (adult attracted to children) he was instantly taken an interest in him…. He had let go off Arnav for the first few times… he needed a plan to go ahead… Arnav was in standard 5 and his weakness had always been Maths… thought he tried hard, he couldn’t grasp certain concepts in it. Amar knew of his son’s requirements. But he dint have time for him. He did try to teach him in weekends but for Amar, weekends also meant work. Amar, one day was discussing this to a fellow worker in when Suresh had heard this. This was a perfect chance to get closer to that boy. He had needed a plan and this was perfect. Seeing an opportunity he had offered to help Amar in tutoring Arnav. Amar couldn’t have been more happy. So from that day it was decided Suresh would teach Arnav Maths 3 times a week in one of those vacant rooms situated in the corridors.
Arnav had gotten along with Suresh quite well. For him, Suresh was a cheerful man and was really nice to him. He bought him chocolates and comics. Arnav loved reading comics. But he never asked his father as he knew his father couldn’t afford them. He had always gone into the lending library and had borrowed them to read. Now Suresh sir, as he called him had got him comics which were new and for him to keep and read forever. This had really made Arnav to like him.
Suresh had planned all this in advance. He knew to get what he wanted one needs to be liked by the kid and that is what he was doing to the boy. Suresh controlled himself immensely every time he had seen Arnav, Guddu as he loved calling so, smile and that twinkle in his eyes when he was happy… he was getting obsessed abt this boy and every action of his was drawing him more and more towards him…. Guddu was really smart. He had amazing grasping power and Suresh understood that his Maths teacher was not good at school that is why he lacked in this subject. It had been almost been one month and Suresh had tutored Guddu and now his phase II of the plan needed to be done with…. Suresh had a good rapport with Guddu… he shared everything with him. He was quiet frank to Suresh and he too explained everything to Guddu in a calm manner… one day Suresh slipped an adult comic along with few comics which he had bough to Guddu. He had given it and had bid bye. Now he just had to wait for Guddu to ask questions and it would be a delight in answering them……
Arnav had enthusiastically taken the books and has gone through each one of them when he had noticed the adult comic…. First he dint understand what it was and kept it aside. But later curiosity got the better of him and he had gone through it carefully. He had placed it aside still not understanding much into the matter. He had wanted to give back that comic but he was informed that Suresh would not come for the next 2 classes, the book stayed with him. Every time Arnav saw any bollywood songs showcasing skimpily dressed girls dancing, his mind would go to the pictures in the comic. His mind had started correlating these girls with those girls in the book. At 10 he really dint know what was right. He was really confused. but what shocked and scared him was, one night when he was again going through that comic and his lower region tingled and slowly started to grow…. This had never happened. He went to the bathroom and tried to pe but it was back again….. He was getting worried and had decided to ask Suresh sir abt this…
[Pls check the Note for better understanding…..]
According to Suresh’s plan he had returned back to Sheesh Mahal after one week. And as expected Guddu had bought in that comic and had placed it on the table. After the class, which was for an hour, Guddu slowly asked Suresh abt the comic…
Yes Guddu? dint you get some concept…
Yes…. I mean it is not abt the subject sir…. He said looking down blushing….. Suresh knew what was coming and smirked…..
Wo sir…. Th..this bb…book sss…ir.. he stammered as he placed the comic near Suresh….
Oh this one….. what abt it Guddu….? He asked innocently…
Sir can I ask you something??? Please…..
Of course Guddu… I’m your sir right not only that I’m your friend too so you can ask me anything… he said as he sat down beside him….
Please don’t tell this to my papa sir… he requested….
Sure… this will stay between us… promise he said controlling his smirk
Sir what are they doing in this story sir…. I’m not able to understand….
Ho that is all…. They are sharing their love for each other Guddu that is all….. he said slyly….
Love sir??? But why is this guy touching her like this… and why is this girl touching his pipi ? he asked pointing at the pictures…. Suresh had a wild smile on his face….. he knew this was the time… and as a teacher for this boy it was his duty to clear his doubts thoroughly……..
Ok tell me Guddu what do you feel when you see all this…. He asked smiling….
Wo… actually sir… I feel strange…. He said lowering his eyes and blushing again…
Wait… do you feel like this? He asked as he placed his hand on the boy’s hood and rubbed slowly…..Arnav was shocked at this… but then he pacified himself saying it was only Suresh sir and he was explaining…. Suresh started furiously rubbing it and could feel it getting erect…. He was aroused in anticipation sir.. he said shying…
Wait Suresh said as he opened the zip and put his hand a bit deeper….
Sir?? W….wh….whaaat are you doing??? He stammered. He was feeling very scared…..
Guddu do you trust me? If not just leave it… don’t talk to me and I also won’t give you anything… said Suresh in mock anger….
Nnnoooo sir… not like that….. I’ll not say anything…. Promise… Arnav said as tears welled in his eyes thinking he had hurt the kind teacher….
Hmmmm don’t tell this to anyone too…. They will tease you and also I will not meet or talk to from that time… ok? he said in a stern voice…Arnav nodded his head dutifully…. And Suresh started what he stopped… he slowly took out the boy’s hood and started rubbing it… he asked him to stand facing him and Guddu did as he was told… Arnav couldn’t deny the feeling of pleasure. Though he dint understand all this, he liked it…
Guddu..? do you like what I’m doing???? Asked Suresh…..
Yyyeess he replied shying
Hmmmm so don’t you think you should give me something for doing this to you? he asked trying hard to control himself…..
Sure sir…. What do you want me to do? He asked looking at him…
I want you to do the same… he said and removed his erection and placed Arnav’s hands on it……At first Arnav was scared but Suresh asked him to do as he did and both did the same together…. It was not long when Arnav started to moan and then scream as he released and after few seconds Suresh followed it…. Suresh had again pacified Arnav brain wasing him that this was normal and only Suresh could give him this pleasure and if he opened his mouth else where all this will be lost along with their friendship….
This had followed for the past one month…. Suresh had pressurized him into doing this for him and he did the same for Guddu too…. At first Arnav did like this… but later on he got scared… he thought this was not right and he started avoiding Suresh after that….
Suresh knew what his Guddu was doing and had started implementing the next phase of his plan…..
Precap: phase III plan the beginning of pain…..
Note: as told before Arnav is 10 years old and is nearing puberty…. Moreover Arnav has no one to guide him, though he loves his dad, he knows his dad has to work and doesn’t want to worry him that is why he takes refuge into Suresh who exploits his innocence. such people play with the children’s fears and insecurities making them believe in them so much that the children would never defy them All are human and physical pleasure is felt by every one….. There have been cases where a rape victim had felt aroused with foreplay…. So pls don’t think this is abnormal for a small boy… if mother’s of boys have noticed… boys of almost 6 months above have the habit of fondling their hood when angry, hungry or feel sad….. I’m not telling it is so will all the kids by is so in majority….
I have taken this case of partial consent, but there are cases where the molester is not bothered abt the child…. He exploits the kid so much tat the child is damaged beyond therapy…..