Part 1:Pain

Pain I

Sheesh Mahal, the home of a very small but very rich Gupta family….The family consists of Mr. Shashi Gupta, who is the elder of the family and lives either working or in the memory of his late wife Saroj Gupta.
Then comes Sachdev Gupta his younger brother, the most filthiest and inhuman man alive. He stays in Dubai as he doesn’t want his much disciplined and morally sound brother catching up on his activities. Not that he was scared, he wasn’t. He hated his brother as his parents, knowing him well had given him 30% of the share of property and the major part was given to his brother, though he never took his share. He knew this was not the correct time to get this meager money….. He was waiting for the correct time to get his hand on the entire property. He lives with his mistress or wife or what ever in Dubai and has 4 illegal children of whom he doesn’t care about.
Then comes Kushi Gupta, the heart of her father, the Pari in his lonely life. How he wished daily he could say all these things and hug her and love her to his hearts content… but all these emotions never came out…. Kushi for the past 2 years stayed in her nani’s house from the age of 3. After 3 years, she was coming back home, to be with her dad… Kushi or Pari called by her dad, was an introvert. She is considered arrogant and bossy. She doesn’t have any friends cos of that…. But she is very happy as now she will be staying with her dada…..
Amar Malik was an important staff of the Maliks household. He was in charge of house maintenance, salary giving and other things which involved money along with maintaining the garden. He had always loved gardening and so he had asked his Maalik for this job apart from his other job. Shashi had been more than happy to do so but with the salary of the malli. Amar loved to see a well maintained garden as his wife’s memories were flooded in this place. He had bought Asha, his wife after marrying her. Asha belonged to a rich family and he being poor, their family had refused their union. So the couple ran from their house. Amar and Asha dint finish their education they were only 19 when they got married. So they found shelter in Sheesh Mahal thanks to Saroj Gupta… she had asked Shashi to employ them and thus the Malik family settled down with the Guptas as their house help. After one year they had a boy named Arnav and this had made Saroj even happier. She had been childless for the past 3 years and a child had bought immense happiness into her void life. But she was not alone for long. 4 years after Arnav, the palace was filled with cries of a beautiful baby girl. They had named her Kushi… she was definitely Kushi as her birth had bought back the happiness in the life of her parents. But this was not ever lasting… when Kushi was 3 years old; Saroj had got terribly ill and had died. Shashi unable to handle his wife’s death had pushed himself into work and had neglected his child who needed a parent. His sasu ma had come in and taken Kushi away with her to live in Delhi. And that is where she stayed for the next 3 years. Shashi did visit his child every 2 months but with every visit his regret of letting her go only increased…. And now when she was coming back, his heart felt peace….
Sheesh Mahal presently was a place where Maalik to Mali minded there own business. Silence was something you’ll always find there… but in this silence we mostly fail to understand the pain and tears hidden…. Let us move to other sections of the house…..
The back side of the Mahal had 4 to 5 empty rooms which were sometimes used to shelter the drivers and servants accompanying the guests of the house. These room’s entrance doors opened into a corridor which led to the servant’s quarters. The servant quarters were a group of 20 small houses which ranged from single to double bedroom, 3 storied houses. In one of these 2 bedroom houses, did the Maliks lived. Arnav was going to a private school sponsored by the Guptas. He was good in studies but had a bit problem in math…. But he did work hard and get good marks. Amar was very happy with his son. At the age of 10 he was very understanding and accommodative. He was never demanding like other kids. He took care of himself and the house. He even tried cooking once and had burnt his hand. This had shown the amount of love he had for his father. But for the past 3 months, his Guddu (Arnav) was not the same. He seemed very detached and cried at the drop of the hat. He was never like this… but Amar brushed all these thought, thinking it might be some onset puberty problem. One night he had found the bathroom lights switched on and he had seen Guddu washing something…
Bitwa what are you doing there at this time of the night?
Wo… I … ya… pissed in me shots so thought of washing it…. he stammered….
Hmmm… are you fine bitwa? Are you unwell?
Yes I’m good….
Be carefull, you are 10 years and pissing in your shorts is not normal he said with a hint of amusement in his voice…
Its nothing like that… I’m fine… pls go and sleep he replied quickly… Amar was a bit taken aback by this response but then let it go….
Ok don’t stay there too much. You might catch a cold or something… good night…. Saying Amar went back to sleep.
Guddu came out of the bathroom and checked his shorts under the light. Accha hai… the blood stain has gone…. Nahi tho what would I tell dad… thinking he hung it for drying and went to the cupboard. He took out the bundle of cotton and cut out some. He packed it up with gauge and placed it around his p***s and wore a new underwear and shorts and tried to sleep again… this was the 3 time this week…. He dint know how long he would take all this…. he couldn’t take this much longer… it was humiliating…. He was ashamed of how his body is reacting to all this……. He prayed God to help him out…to send someone to help him, to show him the way…….
Precap: the manager’s dirty activities