Part 2

Recap: Garima worried how Kushi will marry a 13 yr elder guy… Arnav sees Kushi in a marriage with a prostitute and takes her to be one. He is attracted towards her… Buaji berates Kushi for coming home alone at night with a man and forces her to accept marriage.

Arnav drove his car after dropping Kushi but his heart was still there. Unable to curtail himself he drove back to the same place. He felt disappointed when he saw her sit behind a guy’s bike and move on…
oh so she’d be busy tonight he thought and drove off towards Sheesh Mahal… though he moved from that place… he couldn’t move his mind from her thoughts… he reached the enormous gate of Sheesh Mahal. He parked the car and got down moving himself into the house. He removed his coat and threw it on the chair and loosened his tie and flung it to god knows where… he quickly sprinted up the stairs for a much needed warm (or say cold) bath.
Arnav freed himself of his clothes but not of her thoughts… he could still smell the mild fragnence of jasmine linger around him as he stood under the shower… the water touched his skin, relaxing his muscles on its way down… but his thought lingered on a particular someone. Her white skin which was visible through her legenga, her beckoning eyes… her luscious lips… all was a complete turn on… he suddenly felt two soft hands on his torso.. Arnav froze.. the hands moved down when he stopped it on his tummy as he held it… he swiftly pulled the hand towards him and was shocked to see the same girl standing in front of him….
He lifted his hand to push back a strand of hair obstructing his view of her eyes… he slowly traced his finger on her cheek and then to the out line of her lips…..he placed his finger gently under her chin and lifted her face… he saw her close her eyes and slightly part her lips… he bent down and was abt to touch her lips when she disappeared.
Dude get a hang on it… he muttered mentally whacking himself and continued with his shower… Wiping himself… he came out and dressed up for the night… he took his laptop and moved to the table when his eyes feel on something green and moving… he moved closer to the window to get a good view.. He saw a girl walking in the lawn…
You’ve lost it man.. he murmured shaking his head.. But to his relief he saw her moving towards the rose garden..
This cant be he said… ok lets do it… thinking he ran towards the rose garden to clear his doubt… he saw her standing facing the rose garden… he went closer to her and lifted his hands to touch her…

Kushi sat crying in her room. She dint want this… she wanted to fall in love and then marry… she wanted a prince charming not anyone…
par kushi ye bhi to shezadha ho sakte hai na…. she comforted herself…(but kushi he could also be you price rite?)
dek Kushi, yeh sab tumare apne hai… dushman todi.. sab accha hoga… hai devi maiyya Buaji ne tho photo bhi nahi dekhaye.. she cribbed.. chal abh so jao.. she told herself… but sleep was the last thing on her mind… she was feeling restless… (see kushi they are all ur family..not ur enemy everything will be fine… DM buaji dint even show me his photo… now go and sleep)
devi maiyya yeh kessa darr hai… ajjeb lag raha hai… she said placing her hand on her heart… suddently she got up from her bed she slolwly tip toed towards the stairs when she heard voices… (DM what is this fear… I have a weird feeling)
Jiji kya kah raheho aap…. Yeh hum kese kar sakte hai.. said the worried voice of Garima( jiji what are to telling how can we do this)
Kya galath kehrahi hun… Payal badi hai.. choti ki shadi pehle sab ke samne karenge tho log bathe banayenge… kahenge payaliya me khot hai… kya tum yeh chahte ho ka…??? Said Buaji(what wrong am I saying… payal is the bigger one.. if we conduct the younger ones marriage first in front of everyone, all will gossip abt payal.. they will say she has some problem that is why.. do you want this?)
Par chupcap shadi aur wo bhi kal rath ko hi??? Yeh sab kese hoga..hume yeh sab bilkul pasand nahi….(but conducting the marriage in a secret way and then too tomorrow night itself?? I don’t like all this )
Garima me sab sambhalungi… kushi do apni behen keliye ye sab manna hoga… shyam se mene bath karliya.. babuwa ko koyi katinayi nahi hai….(Garima I’ll handle all this… kushi had to marry like tis for her sister.. I have talked to shyam too.. he doesn’t have any problem)
Par jiji.. Kushi ko kesa lagega… apni shadi chupchap karna.. (but jiji how will kushi feel marrying in secret way?)
Anath ke sath aur kesa hoga…?? Uski shadi tho ho rahi hai na.. nahi to anath ladki ko konsa accho ghar miltha hai…???(guys pls don’t mistake me.. this is just a dialoge and not my thinking…) aur yeh tho socho.. payal ki shadi me bhi karchi hogi uskeliye pesse chahiye na.. tum essa socho kam dam me shadi poora ho raha hai.. ladka to accho milgaya na….( what more do you expect for an orphan… atleast she is getting married.. otherwise which nice family will come forward to accept an orphan… think this way we have to spend for payal’s marriage also no.. think that this marriage is done with little money atleast the boy is good no?)
Teek hai Jiji. (ok jiji)
Kushi was shocked to hear this… she had always wanted a grand wedding like the one she had been today.. she remembered how she and her jiji would dream of their wedding and laugh abt other things… kushi sneaked down the stairs and jumped out the window taking the keys of her babuji’s old scooter… through out the way she kept comforting herself that all is for the best oly but was not successful in satisfying her heart…
She stopped the scooter and moved towards her favorite place. She entered the Sheesh Mahal’s rose garden.
Kithni acchi kushboo hai.. she though as she moved towards the garden. She had always come here when she felt alone and missed her parents, to see the stars at night sitting between the rose bushes. (Such a nice smell)
She was about to reach the garden when she was forcefully turned around, and then she saw his face. She recognized him… it was him, the man who dropped her home and left without a bye.
Aap yahan…? she asked (you here?)
Actually, mujhe tumse yeh baat puchnithi… this is trespassing do you know he asked her irritated (I have to ask you this)
Wo hum… before she said anything, he stopped her asking tum iss waqt tum yahan.. akele ayeho kya he asked looking here and there searching for someone.(actually i… )(you here, at this time.. are you alone?)
Damit, are you following me? He growled… I get it.. big car.. costly clothes.. so tumne socha hoga apna luck try karoo.. right? (you’d have thought I’d try my luck)
Par me tho lucky nahi hun she whispered referring to the small dog near her house…. (but I’m not lucky)
Suniye sabhji.. hume appse thanyavad kahana tha… aapne hume ghar choda na.. she said rubbing her hand….(listen sir) (I have to thanku for dropping me home..)
No you listen,,
At the same time he saw her rubbing something, he saw it and recognized it as a nail mark and a bruise may be she likes it rough. It suits me though.. its high time I got her out of my head.. he thought
good you are here… chalo for tonight he said dragging her towards the house…
Kushi dint understand anything… then it struck her… yeh tho mujhse bath karne lejarahai hai … han han.. bade log thodi road pe bath karthe honge.. issliye wo andhar le jarahe hai… thinking she stopped walking… and said ek minute rukiye sabji…. Hume ander nahi ana… hume bhahar hi rehena hai.. (he is taking me inside to talk… yes yes.. ofcourse big people don’t talk on roads that is why he is taking me inside the house.)(one min stop sir… I don’t want to come inside. I want to stay outside only)
What! are you crazy? Bhahar???(outside?)
Aap na… suniye tho… yahan hi…chand sitaro ke neeche, gulabh ki khushboo me samete, maza ayega.. she said cheerfully… (you just listen.. here oly.. under the moon and stars.. surrounded by smell of roses it’ll be delightful.)
Unbelievable he said shaking his head. Not that he was bothered… but he never expected it coming from someone living in this small city.
Tum yahan karna chahte ho? Bhahar.. sab ke samne?(you want to do it outside.. infront of everyone?)
Par yahan to koi nahi hai? Aap bohot waqt lagate ho…mujhe ghar bhi jana hai.. saying she held his hand (but there is no one here? You take too much time.. I have to go home also..)
chaliye yahan saying she walked him towards a clear place near the garden, she sat down baitiye she said and pulled him… losing his balance he Arnav fell on top of her…(come here..)(Sit down)
Jasmine he whispered
… Letting the mild smell…
Intoxicate his senses…. He closed his eyes and placed his lips on her shoulder sending currents
Through her spine… kushi jolted up.. She opened her eyes ji aap…. Kya… she stammered(what are..)
Shssss saying he placed wet kisses on her neck leading up…. Kushi lay frozen… never in her life has she felt this way… she dint know wat she felt she dint understand anything.. She couldn’t move or talk or even make a sound.. Arnav place both his hands on either side of her and lifted himself up and rolled next to her… he pulled her arm gently and she turned facing him… he gently pushed the strand of hair behind her ears and moved his thumb on her cheeks softly feeling her skin.. He came forward and kissed her cheeks and slightly brushed his lips on her soft supple ones… DI CALLING… DI CALLING his phone rang…
Arnav Singh Raizada could ignore anyone’s call but not his di’s…
han di… he said… when he felt the girl get up…
yes di… he answered his di as he looked at the confused face of the girl… he lifted his hands to stop her when he found her getting up..
Kushi felt his fingers on the back of her shoulders holding her duppatta.. She moved forward snatching it but her pearls string around her neck broke scattering the beads on the grass floor. Tears welled up as she saw her favorite ornament, the only one which she owned break and fall (imagine in slow motion)
Arnav couldn’t yell to stop her… so he tried doing it physically.. Unwontedly his hands held on to the pearl string breaking it… he looked up and saw her eyes well up… his mind froze…
Arnav was taken back into time where he had seen similar eyes stare back in shock and fear… the night when he had lost everything… the night he had become an orphan…
he watched as the girl ran through the lawn, out of the gate and disappear into the night.. But he dint move a muscle… he remembered how cos of a woman his di and he had lost everything…
chote… chote… kya hua…. He heard a voice calling from his phone… di nothing he said… trying compose himself…
di I’ll call you later
Ok chote.. take your food and medicines… atleast for my and Sakshi’s sake… saying she cut the call..
Removing the phone, he stared at the beads lying on the floor…
this is a sign… he thought..
bloody b***h… this s**t is messing with my mind… get a grip ASR.. saying he got up and left to his room…
A dejected Kushi ran towards her scooter as fast as she could… this man scared her… first he helps her then he does strange things to her and now he breaks her favorite and only ornament… amma said it belonged to her Amma… kushi always used to wear it as she dint remember her parents..
She sat on her scooter and drove towards her home… the sun would rise in few hours. This was the time she remembered it was her marriage today….
Kushi crept into her room and changed her clothes… she stretched herself and closed her eyes but all she saw was chocolate brown eyes staring at her. Buaji banged her door cursing her under her breath…
Buaji hum utadenge Kushi ko said Payal softly(buaji I’ll wake her up)
hmmm use tayar bhi kardo.. shyam babuwa a rahaiha… aaj uski shadi hai saying she left a shocked Payal behind…(ok reay her up.. shyam will be coming .. today is her wedding) payal opened the door when she saw kushi sitting on her bed with her legs bent down and her head on her hand which were resting on her knees..
Kushi she called softly. Kushi looked up…
tumne kyu nahi bataya… aaj tumhari shadi hai.. hume laga ki sirf ladki dekhne araha hai… questioned Payal.(why dint you tell me it was your wedding today? I thought he was coming to just see you)
Kal rath ko hi hume bhi pata chala.. par jiji aap phikar math karo… buaji khehati hai ki humare jane ke badh aap ke bhi acchi jagha shadi hojayegi… Kushi said cheerfully…(I knew it just last night.. but jiji don’t worry, buaji told me as soon as I get married you’ll also get married)
par humne tho yeh socha ki hum dono bhayi bhayi se shadi karenge aur ek hi ghar me rahenge she said in a dejected tone..(but I always thought we both will get married to brothers and stay together for every)
lekin hum ek hi shehar me tho rahsakte hai na??? she asked enthusiastically…(but atleast we can stay in one city!)
Payal saw her little sister talking as always.. But her mind was somewhere else… she dint like all this…
itni jaldi shadi????? Kya bath ho sakti hai she wondered… she then saw kushi come out of the bathroom clean and fresh… she dressed her up as the groom would be here in a short time(marriage so soon.. what is the matter)
Arnav was having a very bad day… he was restless as whenever he closed his eyes all he saw was her tearful eyes…
Damit.. That girl he mourned…. Moreover Di had complained Shyam had not picked her call from the evening… He tried calling him and his call got connected…
ji sale sahib said Shyam
Jeju.. aap di ke sath bath karlejiye.. he said
Kardiya.. abhi abhi… hum kal ajayenge… in the evening..
Ok… will see you… saying he cut the call… but his uneasy feeling was no were ending…

Shyam Manohar Jha was a happy man… today his dreams would be coming true… he couldn’t ask for more… from the time he had set his eyes on her he could oly imagine how she would feel below him mourning his name… he grinned like an idiot when he entered the Gupta house in lucknow… Buaji and Garima welcomed him into the house but his eyes searched oly for her… he sat down, and as expected saw her climb down the stairs towards him…. He pinched his hand to stop himself from rushing and taking Kushi then and there… he smiled at her and saw kushi doing the same… his thoughts were disturbed by Buaji again…
babuwa.. use shadi manjoor hai… aap tayar hai na?? (son she has accepted the marriage … you are ready no?)
Arey Buaji.. hum tho kabse hai… par ek bath kahni thi aap se..(oh buaji I’m ever ready.. but I have a problem)
Both buaji and Garima looked at him worriedly
han boliye!!(go ahead)
Wo kya hai na… hum Kushiji ko kal subha delhi le jana chahte hai… kuch kam agaya hai issliye.. he said with the best sugar coated voice as possible…(the prob is tat I have to take Kushi ji to delhi tomo morning itself.. there is some work)
Both the ladies signed in relief…
kono bath nahi babuwa… shadi ke bad ye aapki hai… jono marzhi ho lejao… said Buaji with a small smirk….(there is no prob.. after marriage she belongs to you.. take her where ever you want)
Abh hum chalte hai.. shadi ki tayari bhi karni hai na… saying shyam got up looked to see kushi and his eyes fell on Payal.. Payal got Goosebumps when she felt his eyes on body.. She looked at him with complete disgust but this dint bother him at all.. he smirked and left the house…(now I will take leave.. have preparation to do for the marriage)
Amma, Buaji kya yeh sahi hai questioned Payal… she was worried for Kushi.. (amma buaji is this right?)
Chupchap under chalo… tum bacchi ho tume kya maloom hai in sabke bareme.. saying Buaji pushed payal gently and moved into her room… there were basic wedding things which had to be done..(keep your mouth shut and go inside.. u r a child and don’t know abt all this)
Time moved on and Payal words fell on deaf ears… she dint know why her mother and aunty were hell bent on giving kushi to this pervert…. Kushi grew more scared as she heard payal argue with her amma and buaji..
Jiji ruko.. hume wo pasand hai.. aap chinta math kijiye… devi maiyya humari raksha karege… she said trying to cheer a worried Payal..(jiji don’t worry I like him.. DM will take care of me)
Kushi to bhag ja.. hum ayush ji se boldenge.. tum unkesath bhag ja.. she said as her eyes welled up for the fear of unknown seeing kushi…(kushi you run away… I’ll talk to ayush ji.. you go away with him)
jiji nahi… aap chinta chodia aur dekhiye na hume.. kese lagrahain?? (no jiji… you stop worring tell me how do I look?)
Bilkul pari payal said as she saw kushi dressed in a simple saree for her grand day… (just like an angel)
Array tayar ho gayi kya maharani.. yelled Buaji… (has the princess dressed up(taunt))
Ji aye… said both the sisters and moved out of the house towards the temple. (yes coming)
The Guptas reached the temple and saw Shyam dressed waiting for them… he led them to a calm place near the temple and called the priest.. basic marriage things were arranged and the hawan was lit… shyam and kushi sat in front and completed the marriage rituals taking oaths of living and loving each other (I dint feel the requirement of explaining this sham wedding guys sorry) they took the pheras and kushi was marked his with sindoor and mangalsutra… they took blessings of two happy(buaji and Garima) and two very unhappy and worried people(bauji and payal) there..
The group reached Guptas house, and kushi was sent to dress up for the night… Buaji entered the room and sent out Payal. Closing the door she moved towards the bed and sat down…
suno.. tumhe shyam babuwa ke har bath manna padega.. pati ke bath manna hi har patni ka phrz hai…. Apni bachkani harkath se unko parishan nahi karma hai tumhe… jo kuch bhi ho aaj raat bahar awaz nahi anichiye… wo kuch bhi kare ya karne keliye kahe tume soche bagair karna hai… samaj gaye… she said in a threatening voice…(listen you have to obey every word of shyam.. obeying every word of the husband is the duty of a wife…don’t trouble him with your childish activities… what ever happens ur voice shd not be heard out side…what ever he does or askes you to do you have to do it without even thinking.. do you understand?)
par buaji.. humara tho… she was was stopped in between (but buaji I’m having…)
chu chap raho.. aur jo kaha wo karo… saying she left the room instructing her to sit on the bed. (shut up and do as you are told)
Shyam grined ear to ear while he entered the small but decently decorated room… he saw her sitting on the bed. He sat down near her and lifted her veil to view her face….
Kushiji he whispered… cupping her face in his palms and coming closer to her….

Precap: shyam and kushi’s SR…. and her bidai… what is shyam’s plan for kushi after reaching delhi…